5S: The Perfect Tool to Organize at Work and at Home

Let’s face it, the workplace is where disorganization is born. With its many incarnations, it is like a bad weed that keeps poking its ugly head. The Lean Six Sigma 5S tool is the best defense against this horrible little villain!  

The reason disorganization keeps happening is because you can make everything neat and tidy, but if you don’t get rid of waste or have a set place for an item, the same thing will happen again. Remember, as the old saying goes, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

 Lean Six Sigma 5S Tool

  1. Seiri or Sort: This first step is to go through your entire workspace and get rid of anything that doesn’t have to be there. If it isn’t involved in your daily processes, then out it goes.
  2. Seiton or Set in Order: This is the part where you will make everything right once and for all. You will organize what you will need for the day-to-day processes. They will be organized in such a way that it is the only place for that specific item. They are set up in the order needed, as well as being easily accessible.
  3. Seiso or Shine: Keeping everything sparkling clean just makes a newly organized workspace a pleasant experience. This includes daily dusting and if needed mopping and keeping those tools where they belong. Remember, everything in its place and a place for everything!
  4. Seiketsu or Standardize: If when you organized the workspace you organized it to fit the current day-to-day processes, then your job here is half done already. But if you found a better way to organize your workspace due to a change in the way the process is carried out, then you must create charts, lists, and shift timestamps if need be.
  5. Shitsuke or Sustain: Maintain the new standard. Make sure the new practices are being met and since everyone was hopefully involved in the 5s event then this should be important for everyone and easy to maintain.

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