Image: Flowchart vs Process Map

Flowchart vs Process Map: Visualizing Workflows Effectively

Deceptively basic in appearance, these diagrams prove invaluable to those seeking streamlined workflows, refined processes, and operational optimizations. Flowcharts and process maps fulfill analogous functions, translating intricate operations into easy-to-follow, stepwise depictions. However, as experienced professionals, discerning the subtleties distinguishing these aids matters greatly. Likewise, their singular gifts where purposefully applied hold importance. We explore […]

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Image: Exit Criteria

Exit Criteria in Software Development: Ensuring Quality & Project Success

Where quality and productivity assume prime significance, exit criteria emerge as pivotal management and assurance mechanisms. Essentially, it comprise predestined prerequisites or milestones requiring satisfaction before deeming a software project or specific phase concluded for advancement. Guiding comprehensive development and testing journeys systemically, these exit waypoints secure ultimate offerings fulfilling the acutest excellence, functionality, and […]

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Image: Process Owner

Process Owner Role: Responsibilities & Importance

Where efficiency and continuous improvement are paramount, the role of the process owner has emerged as a critical linchpin. As organizations strive to optimize their processes and drive operational excellence, the process owner serves as the catalyst, guiding and enabling transformative change. With a deep understanding of the organization’s processes, a strategic mindset, and a […]

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Image: Focus PDCA

Focus PDCA: Drive Continuous Improvement & Business Excellence

Constantly refining workflows is now key for businesses everywhere to stay ahead. Whether boosting product quality, streamlining operations, or better satisfying customers – having a solid process to fuel fact-based enhancements is huge. This is where the focus PDCA cycle steps up as a helpful tool. It lets companies methodically pinpoint chances for upgrades, enact […]

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Image: Process Analysis

Process Analysis: The Key to Operational Efficiency and Business Transformation

Businesses constantly look for ways to smooth out operations, boost efficiency, and fuel constant upgrading. Process analysis has emerged as a powerful tool for achieving this. Process analysis involves carefully examining a series of linked actions or steps that together achieve something. It aims to uncover issues, roadblocks and chances to improve how things currently […]

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Image: What is Process Intelligence

What is Process Intelligence? Operational Efficiency with Data-Driven Insights

Companies are always looking for ways to streamline their work, cut costs and increase efficiency. One approach that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years is process intelligence. Process intelligence takes the best parts of analyzing business processes, task flow and data analysis. It allows companies to really understand how they work and […]

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Image: Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM)

Everything About iBPM (Intelligent Business Process Management)

iBPM (Intelligent Business Process Management) empowers organizations to intelligently automate, monitor, and refine end-to-end processes. Leveraging data-driven insights, iBPM solutions can self-optimize to changing conditions, make informed judgments, and iteratively better workflows. Through AI and continuous learning, iBPM leads to heightened efficiency, agility, and decision-making prowess. Adaptability future-proofs processes against an unpredictable environment. Rather than […]

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Image: Process Standardization

Ultimate Guide to Process Standardization: Strategies for Operational Excellence

As businesses survive to run like well-oiled machines, having standard methods, like process standardization, for how work gets done has become even more important than ever. Companies are always looking for ways to boost productivity, cut waste, and provide top-notch products and services consistently. This is where setting guidelines for procedures comes into play by […]

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Image: Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring Tools, Benefits, and Types. Everything Thing To Know

Keeping a close watch on what’s happening within business processes, aka process monitoring, has become really important for making smart decisions. Process monitoring involves regularly tracking, analyzing, and reporting on how everything flows from step to step to make sure it’s working as planned. This helps comply with rules and achieve goals. Using advanced monitoring […]

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Image: Process Cycle Efficiency Formula

What is Process Cycle Efficiency? Strategies for Operational Excellence

Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE) in driving operational excellence across diverse industries. This metric, often referred to as “Flow Efficiency” or “Value Add Ratio”, has proven to be an indispensable tool for organizations seeking to streamline their processes, eliminate waste, and ultimately deliver superior value to their customers. At its core, PCE measures the proportion of […]

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total quality management

A Detailed Guide on Total Quality Management

TQM (Total Quality Management) is an integrated approach for organizations to achieve long-term success and excellent customer satisfaction. The TQM approach takes the route of management optimization and enhancement. This methodology involves all members of the organization equally participating in improving processes, products/services, and the culture of the organization and their respective roles. TQM aims […]

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Taking Legal Action with Six Sigma

In the worst scenarios, illegitimate practitioners will try to copy your organization and even steal your employees. Equally, business fraud of any kind almost always requires you to take legal action. It’s an unfortunate fact that Six Sigma does not have its own governing body, which means that anyone can get away with anything. For […]

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Six Sigma and Business Analytics: Detecting Fraud

Six Sigma’s usefulness goes well beyond process improvement. It’s also a powerful tool for detecting fraud in accounting data. You should always remain vigilant, as it is often unexpected and difficult to identify. Are you worried about your organization being compromised by fraud? Six Sigma can help. Once you know what to look for, you […]

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Six Sigma and KPIs: Customer Complaints

Your customers are the most important factor for generating revenue. Think about it. Without customers to pay for your products and services, you have no revenue, which means no profit. Plain and simple. Without customers, your business can’t exist. Make sure you know and understand what your customers want. Understanding customer demand is essential to […]

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How to Manage Difficult Team Members

Let’s face it; we all have to deal with difficult team members from time to time. Whether it’s little issues, such as not showing up to work on time, or bigger ones, like failing to complete tasks on time, it’s important to effectively manage the situation. Six Sigma focuses on providing innovative improvement methods for […]

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Practicing Due Diligence: Signs of a Legitimate Professional

When searching for your first, or next, Six Sigma course, it’s important to be on the lookout for illegitimate practitioners. These practitioners may talk you in to paying more for a course than you should, falsely advertise their program, or fall through on their certification promises. Regardless of the reason, there will always be a […]

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Six Sigma Leadership Profile: Uber

At 6sigma.us, we like to analyze a variety of companies in our ‘Leadership Profile’ articles to showcase how they use Six Sigma. These companies exhibit innovative and resourceful skills that help further progress their organization’s success. Whether you’re a non-profit organization or an industry-leading manufacturing company, there’s always a use for Six Sigma methodologies. In […]

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Six Sigma Case Study: Whole Foods

It’s impossible to avoid the growing footprint of Whole Foods across the United States. Since the company’s creation in the late 1970’s, the grocery store chain has become a household name. Seen as a premium brand, its business model focuses on a set of strict criteria and a specific customer base. However, with its strict […]

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Practicing Due Diligence: Checking In

Whenever you work on a project, apply for a new career, or order something online, you like to check its status. How far along your project has come, when your next interview will be, and where your package is, are all questions you ask when checking the progress. Six Sigma is no different. When you […]

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How to Avoid Illegitimate Practitioners

There’s never been a better or more appropriate time for professionals to seek Six Sigma certification. From advancing careers to understanding the complexity of business processes, Six Sigma certification is an excellent achievement for anyone. Decades ago when Six Sigma methodologies were first introduced by Motorola and GE, there were few practitioners offering training and […]

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