Project Management Training

New Project Management Training from SixSigma.us

Six Sigma tools are indeed important tools for getting better project results.  The same can be said for Project Management methods are important for getting better Six Sigma results. Studying Project Management to the level required to earn certification from PMI is one approach, but takes years of time, for you and your company.  Even […]

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project management

How Does Six Sigma Relate to Project Management?

Six Sigma is an effective methodology that helps organizations improve processes using a data-driven approach. When an organization launches a product, it uses a variety of processes to make it a success. This is where Six Sigma comes in to help the project management team make their processes more efficient. That way, they can complete […]

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project charter define phase

The Project Charter and Define Phase Are Inseparable

When working towards process improvements, believe it or not, the Define phase of DMAIC takes on an extra level of importance. Why? Well, you can’t assume that everyone is going to interpret the cause of the issue or problem in the same way. So the structured template of the Define phase covers all bases. The […]

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six sigma project champion

The Importance of the Project Charter

The quest of Six Sigma is to get as close to perfection as possible, which is 99.99966%. So to achieve this level of perfection, we take a detailed, specific and data-driven approach to tasks.  There are great tools to help achieve this. These tools help lay out the groundwork by forming a nice template to […]

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Lean Six Sigma Methodologies Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Six Sigma: Insights and Improvements

The human brain is a powerful thing. Often likened to a computer, it processes 400 billion bits of information per second and is always learning. The human capacity for learning is unlike any other species, but it is not a characteristic applicable only to people. Science fiction stories have explored the concept of artificial intelligence […]

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Six Sigma CEU Credit

Should My Six Sigma Course Contain CEU Credit?

Six Sigma has become a worldwide phenomenon, helping improve business processes in some of the world’s largest companies. But before any Six Sigma professional can get to this stage, they must first receive certification. If you are the provider of a Six Sigma course, consider the following. Should your Six Sigma course contain a CEU […]

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Green Belt Training Six Sigma

What Employers Can Expect from Green Belt Training

The foundation of Six Sigma team work, Green Belts are, in many ways, the core of your project team. As such, they are essential to the smooth-running of projects and completion of process improvement objectives. Six Sigma Green Belts all share a range of key qualities that make them stand out from the rest. These […]

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Avoid Decision Delays with Six Sigma

Six Sigma Project Success: How to Deal with Decision Delays

Decision delays are the bane of a well-run Six Sigma project. Your time is valuable and we understand how frustrating it can become. Delay is also a problem in production, executive, and administrative processes all over the world, but it can be overcome. Not only is delay detrimental to Kaizen but it also violates Lean […]

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