DMAIC Step Zero

Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve
Control and Synergize (DMAIC)

Step Zero – Leadership

We get numerous requests from people that want to know get an understanding of how the Six Sigma DMAIC process works. These pages were designed to provide a general understanding of the Six Sigma process. The first section provides specific details about the 6 steps of the Six Sigma process. Training for Six Sigma is offered in a traditional live classroom option and an online self-paced program both scenarios will cover the DMAIC method in detail.

Six Sigma ChampionsDMAIC

Champions consist of the executives or other leaders within a business that are sponsoring Six Sigma projects. These individuals are in charge of assisting, aligning, and incorporating the Six Sigma deployment within their corporation. A Champion must know the fundamentals of Six Sigma Methodology, with a concentration on the selection of projects which are associated with the business goals of the organization. In addition, Champions will choose and mentor the “Belts” or Six Sigma project leaders by ensuring the Belts get the instruction and assets required to lead Six Sigma projects productively.

Six Sigma Leader Roles for DMAIC

  • Institute project selection benchmarks
  • Create and use communication process
  • Accept projects – confirm connection to strategy and vital requirements
  • Evaluate the full procedure every 3-6 months
  • Decide on Project Champions
  • Create incentive and appreciation configuration
  • Deliver necessary assets and instruction
  • Tie incentives to performance
  • Assess Black Belt and Green Belt projects once-a-month
  • Be held responsible for the accomplishment of the effort

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Project Example for Six Sigma DMAIC 

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An outstanding presentation example: “Business Process Charting”. This is applicable to all leaders from any industry.

If you would like a copy of this presentation, please send an email to:bchart@dmaic.us and include “Business Process Charting” in the subject line.

“Your presentation breaks new ground in applying statistics to the financials. This is needed in today’s climate of maximizing quarterly profits. Thank you for a wonderful presentation and a new paradigm.”

Robert Perez
Dallas American Society of Quality