Image: Is/Is not analysis

Is/Is Not Analysis: A Powerful Problem-Solving Technique for Peak Performance

Businesses face all kinds of hurdles slowing progress and threatening success. From grindingly slow workflows to quality glitches, these problems spread damage far if left unaddressed. But with the right problem-solving styles, companies can pinpoint what’s causing trouble and implement fixes well. One such method earning its stripes across industries everywhere is “Is/Is Not Analysis”. […]

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Image: Out of Control Action Plan (OCAP)

Out of Control Action Plan (OCAP): A Proven Framework for Sustained Process Control

Keeping methods on track and actually meeting goals is incredibly important. Even the best-designed and implemented processes can experience hiccups or drifts that undermine results and productivity. This is where having an Out of Control Action Plan or OCAP makes a difference – it’s an essential contingency map for organizations to quickly tackle and fix […]

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Image: 6M Root Cause Analysis

6M Root Cause Analysis in Lean Six Sigma. Everything to Know

Over 20 years of experience applying Six Sigma principles across industries, I have conducted countless root cause analysis utilizing various methodologies.  One such approach that I have leveraged is the 6M Root Cause Analysis technique.  Machines, Materials, Methods, Manpower, Measurement, and Mother Nature provide an intuitive framework for categorizing inputs based on potential factors contributing […]

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Featured Image: Root Cause Failure Analysis in Manufacturing. A Complete Guide

Root Cause Failure Analysis in Manufacturing. A Complete Guide

To truly prevent recurring failures and drive continuous improvement, organizations need to go deeper and uncover the root cause. This is where Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) comes into play. RCFA is a structured, data-driven approach to identifying the underlying factors that led to a particular failure or problem. By delving into the root cause, […]

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Image: Prioritize Projects and Tasks With Impact Effort Matrix

Prioritize Projects and Tasks With Impact Effort Matrix

Effective prioritization is essential for any organization or project team, as it enables you to focus your limited resources on the initiatives that will deliver the greatest return on investment.  By identifying and concentrating on the high-impact, low-effort tasks, you can maximize your impact and efficiency, driving tangible results for your business. Key Highlights: As […]

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Featured Image: How to Do Root Cause Analysis. Everything You Need to Know

How to do Root Cause Analysis? Everything You Need to Know

Performing a root cause analysis is an invaluable problem-solving tool for any organization. At its core, root cause analysis (RCA) aims to uncover why issues arise by systematically evaluating contributing factors. Once the underlying causes behind these problems are understood, teams can not only address the immediate symptoms but also take proactive preventative measures for […]

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rca in healthcare

Importance of Root Cause Analysis in Healthcare industry

The Healthcare industry underwent a roller coaster journey, especially during the pandemic. The pandemic not only posed trivial challenges to many industries, Healthcare in particular, unveiling many bottleneck situations. As situation gets under control now, it has raised a need for strategic intervention, making sure we are rise aptly to any emergency or dire situation(s). […]

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All about Fault Tree Analysis

In the field of engineering, anticipating failure in projects is recognized as a showcase of an advanced process of making a product. Potential failures are to be identified before the development process initiates to successfully mitigate the risk. By doing risk management the production costs are reduced tremendously in further development. With the product being […]

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Techniques for Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

How Root Cause Analysis can help a business grow?

Every month, your team seems to be working hard to meet the goals. Yet, each month, you find that your team is lagging behind. In February, someone told you about some software glitch — so you bought new software. In March, you heard someone say about a shortage of marketing materials was causing the problem […]

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Root Cause Analysis: Most Important 5 Whys

Root Cause Analysis: Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Have you ever wondered why it is that the same issue happens over and over again even after you have addressed it? The answer is simple: There is an underlying cause that you haven’t found. Once you find it and fix it, poof, the issue disappears forever! This is the reason our 3-day Six Sigma Root […]

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six sigma

INFOGRAPHIC: Root Cause Analysis

If you have a recurring problem, the only way to get rid of the problem is by figuring out the root cause of the problem and tackling it at its very core. If the problem is not nipped at its core, it will be a recurring issue that will eventually cut into your profits. Even […]

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The Analyze Phase of DMAIC

Six Sigma methodologies have had so much success, mainly because it is data-driven. In other words, the data will give you all the information, and based on that information you will know how to proceed. It is working smart without guessing or using the luck of the draw, so the Analyze Phase of DMAIC deserves […]

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Six Sigma Plus - Customer-centric Approach

Six Sigma Plus – Customer-centric Approach!

Six Sigma plus is a customer-centered approach that results in exemplary performance by business centers, all over the world. With strategy, people and processes as its basis this approach helps in streamlining and organizing various business processes to achieve optimum profitability and customer satisfaction. Six Sigma plus is vital for any organization’s continuous improvement and […]

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Lean Six Sigma Methodologies Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Six Sigma: Insights and Improvements

The human brain is a powerful thing. Often likened to a computer, it processes 400 billion bits of information per second and is always learning. The human capacity for learning is unlike any other species, but it is not a characteristic applicable only to people. Science fiction stories have explored the concept of artificial intelligence […]

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six sigma business failure

Failure: Why do Great Six Sigma Project Teams Still Fail?

Six Sigma is defined by teamwork, which, in turn, influences the success of Six Sigma projects. However, even the most foolproof projects can collapse under their own weight if you aren’t careful. And what factor, more than any other, causes these project failures? The answer: Six Sigma project teams. If your team isn’t up to […]

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Six Sigma Call Center

Six Sigma Calling: 9 Ways to Improve Call Center Quality

You might not associate Six Sigma and call centers right away, and we wouldn’t blame you! However, they rely on efficient processes, and high quality control, to maintain optimal results. This makes it the perfect environment to use Six Sigma, maximizing results and upholding quality. Read on and learn how Six Sigma principles can be used to increase call center quality. […]

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Pareto Chart

How to Create a Pareto Chart for Root Cause Analysis

One of the most useful tools in Six Sigma is Root Cause Analysis (RCA). One of the most effective tools in your RCA Toolkit is the Pareto chart. In today’s practical guide, we look at what a Pareto chart can do for you, as well as how, and when, to create your own Pareto chart […]

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Six Sigma RCA Training

Six Sigma Gets To The Root Of The Problem With RCA

Organizations and leaders are great problem solvers. We see a problem and we fix it! Well, sometimes we do, but most of the time, we address the surface issues, stick a band-aid on it and pronounce it resolved. Within a short amount of time, the original problem resurfaces, causing a great deal of grief, just […]

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