Image: Toyota Production System

Benefits of Toyota Production System (TPS)

Toyota production system (TPS) is like a supercharged Lean Six Sigma program. All the proven and intelligent methodologies of conventional TPS Six Sigma have been charged with immensely motivated team associates. TPS is the outcome of such powerful Lean Six Sigma team associates sigma, which leads to a high-performance culture and lets employees to know […]

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lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma in the US Air Force – Towards a Lean Mean Air Force

Lean Six Sigma is a concept that is used to improve business processes by combining elements of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. The former focuses on speed while the latter emphasizes quality. When both are combined they produce quality at great speeds. As a business management tool, Six Sigma focuses on trying to identify mistakes […]

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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma in the US Army – Toward Efficiency

Lean manufacturing combined with Six Sigma have been combined to form Lean Six Sigma. Both are basically techniques to improve business. The concept of Lean manufacturing comes from Toyota Production System while Six Sigma owes its origins to Motorola. Both concepts when combined, can transform organizations. Elimination of waste and reduction in the time cycles […]

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Vital Role of Lean Six Sigma In The US Navy

Vital Role of Lean Six Sigma In The US Navy

The definition of Lean Six Sigma changes according to the type of industry. In a business world, Lean refers to the procedures and changing practices to bring about effectiveness, whereas the word Sigma describes variability. The name Six Sigma comes from number of standard deviations, which statisticians use for describing amount of variance for hundred […]

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Importance of LSS in US Air Force

Importance of Lean Six Sigma In The US Air Force

The US Air Force considers Lean and Six Sigma as a self-motivated, interactive force rather than what people normally perceive as two opposing initiatives. Lean and Six Sigma, which are two primary business process and development strategies, serve as beneficial tools to any place of work, if used accurately with leadership support and dedication. These […]

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Big Role for Lean Six Sigma in the Army

Big Role for Lean Six Sigma in the Army

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a performance enhancing methodology synthesized from the marriage of two related approaches, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, which were both developed by the hugely successful Toyota Corporation during the half century following the second world war. Developed specifically for use in a manufacturing environment, both methods sought to cut costs, […]

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LSS - Volcano beneath the USAF

Lean Six Sigma – The Volcano beneath the US Air Force

The low steady rumble, of a volcano about to erupt, is audible below the vast territory spanned by the US Air Force. A process improvement tool known as Lean Six Sigma has already exploded across the military and naval landscape and is about to render the US Air Force it’s next Pompeii. Developed from improvement […]

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Business Benefits of Lean Consulting

Six Sigma in Education: Apply Lean Principles to Your Sector

Six Sigma and Lean principles drive change, allowing businesses to seek out and eliminate waste, cultivate process improvement, and transform profit margins. But the question is, can they be used in the education sector? And how will their application benefit you? Today we answer these questions as we look at how you can apply vital […]

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Six Sigma, Kaizen, or Lean

Six Sigma, Kaizen, or Lean? What is the Difference?

Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Lean. You might have heard of them. People throw these terms around a lot nowadays, often interchangeably. But what do they mean? What makes them different? And are they so similar? Remember, each tool solves specific, specialized problems. This article will help you get to the bottom of this mystery so you […]

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Image: Poka Yoke, aka 'Mistake Proofing'

Efficient Use of Poka Yoke

Background With billions invested in manufacturing across the world and a lot of talk about Quality Assurance, there is immense focus on what goes on at the production floor space. ‘Statistical Quality Control (SQC)’, ‘total Quality Management’, ‘Zero Defects’ and techniques for Inspection focus on similar issues: How to reduce the number of errors? How […]

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Kano Analysis

Understanding Kano Analysis

Introduction Products have to be consumer centric. The manufacturers of any product must have a clear idea of what purpose their product is promising to serve. In other words, a clear-cut definition of the functionality of the product is very important. A pudding is good only if the person who is eating approves it (in […]

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police officer, hiring, six sigma, 6sigma.us

Hiring a Police Officer: Six Sigma Brings a New Approach

Hiring a Police Officer Hiring a police officer can be a lengthy and costly process. Unlike many traditional professional hiring situations, the process for hiring a police officer is lengthy and detailed. A hiring agency must go through a multitude of steps with excruciating detail to ensure they have a candidate that is suitable for […]

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Six Sigma Remembers - Memorial Day

Memorial Day: Our Remembrance & Honor

What Are Your Plans? Memorial Day. It’s a four day weekend! Time to hang out by the water with friends, light the BBQ grill and cook some meat. Whatever you like, it typically evokes thoughts of fun in the sun, travel, friends and welcoming in summer! Before heading out on that road trip or stocking […]

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marine color guard six sigma excellence 6sigma.us

Six Sigma and the Marines: Excellence in Partnerships

A History of Excellence Since November of 1775, the Marines have forged a reputation as the premier fighting force in the United States and the world. The Marines proudly preserve their history and constantly strive to maintain a reputation of excellence. The Marines are global leaders, developing expeditionary doctrine and innovations that set the example, and […]

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US Army and Six Sigma

Army Warriors Wearing the Six Sigma Black Belt

The modern Army is known for being the most highly efficient, war-fighting machine in the 21st century. From the quality of soldiers to the advanced technology utilized in equipment, to the most effective tactical advantages, today’s Army warriors are the king of the battlefield. With all of those advantages, the Army has been well known […]

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Six Sigma Training - Anaheim

Upcoming Six Sigma Training: Anaheim/Los Angeles

2016 is here and training is in full swing at 6Sigma.us. We spent the last part of 2015 planning dynamic training agendas, with a global reach! With that in mind, we would like to invite you to join us in sunny Southern California for a comprehensive Six Sigma training event. During this event, we will […]

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army lean six sigma

Go Army! Earns 10 Lean Six Sigma Excellence Awards

Nothing could speak higher of a nation or a process like this achievement! Ten units of the US Army earned awards for excellence in Lean Six Sigma programs. The units were recognized for excellence in streamlining business operations and saving the service millions of dollars. You may ask yourself why the Army even needs Six […]

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