continuous improvement

Using Continuous Improvement Processes to Fight the Pressures of Inflation

Over the past few years, inflation has been a painful reminder of our economic woes. For a myriad of reasons, these trends, combined with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, have wreaked havoc on the nation’s economy. Consumers are feeling the bite of prices, which have slowly eaten away at their budgets. The reality of […]

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six sigma tools

4 Six Sigma Tools for The Automobile Industry

In every industry, there’s bound to be stiff competition. And due to the increasing economic globalization, it keeps getting tougher each year. Organizations are facing a lot of pressure to increase their efficiency and productivity to remain competitive, especially when it comes to manufacturing. This includes the manufacturing of automobiles.  Not only that, but more […]

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six sigma online

3 Ways Learning Six Sigma Online is Better Than On-Site Learning?

Many people around the world are increasingly using online learning or e-learning to get their Six Sigma certificates. Due to the benefits e-learning provides, even organizations are seeing it as a viable option to empower their workforce with Six Sigma knowledge and skills. But what would make employers consider online learning over on-site learning? Here […]

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6sigma.us labor day

Lean Six Sigma Labor Day Roundup for 2020

This year has been a challenging one to say the least. The year 2020 brought us many changes and obstacles to overcome. In the name of Six Sigma, we were ready to provide a solution or at the very least a suggestion that would put you in the right direction towards a permanent solution. COVID-19 […]

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Why Root Cause Analysis is so Important

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is one of the most important tasks in the world of Six Sigma, because if you don’t stop the issue at its core, that issue or problem will keep happening over and over again. The goal of Root Cause Analysis is to identify the cause of the problem. Once you identify […]

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six sigma

Six Sigma: Its Key Elements Are the Secret to Success

Those who believe in Six Sigma know that the genius is in its simplicity. If common sense had a template, it would be known as Six Sigma. That being said, today’s global economy (with the exception of its size) isn’t that much different than your father’s hardware store back in the 1950’s. Good quality is […]

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5 whys six sigma

INFOGRAPHIC: The 5 Whys Tool

When issues arise and you need to get to the root of the problem, the Six Sigma 5 Whys tool is very helpful. If the issue is in the manufacturing or the design of the product, keep in mind that the product was made to serve a function without consideration as to other issues that […]

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six sigma mental health

Six Sigma’s Magic and Mental Health

According to the Center for Workplace Mental Health, the annual cost of mental illness is costing the US economy $20 billion a year. Stress is a big factor, and a negative workplace environment contributes to that stress, causing absenteeism and a loss in productivity. Here are some alarming statistics: 64% of employees described their jobs […]

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lean six sigma

Lean Six Sigma Language: A Quick Review of the Basics

When it comes to Lean Six Sigma, acronyms and tools are a staple. The different acronyms and different tools could get confusing if not reviewed frequently — which brings up a good point of continuous education as a form of review as well as progressing forward. Think of reviewing as visiting an old friend and […]

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six sigma time management

Six Sigma and Time Management in Your Personal Life

When you think of Six Sigma methodologies, you think of getting rid of waste and making your work processes more efficient and effective. While this is helpful for your business or company, how could we also use Six Sigma to improve the quality of our personal lives?  The answer is easy! You use Six Sigma […]

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key principles six sigma

Six Sigma Key Principles: An Overview

Let’s get some clarity on the elements in Six Sigma that keep you focused on the right path. These are also known as key principles. The focus is on the customer: The quality of your product or service depends solely on what your customer considers quality. The product or service that your company manufactures or […]

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lean six sigma

Six Sigma: Continue to Make Learning a Top Priority

The world of Six Sigma isn’t just about knowing the acronyms DMAIC, DFSS, CTQ or COPQ. No, it is about knowing how to apply these different tools into real-world situations.  Knowing how to apply Six Sigma tools, templates, or methodologies is something you arrive at by working at it. Just for a quick review, let’s […]

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roadmap dmaic

DMAIC: Your Business Process Has a Unique Map

We believe this map is as valuable as a map to find a lost treasure! Known as the DMAIC, this roadmap starts out by asking you to: Define the problem.  Measure current performance through the use of data Analyze your current process to determine the causes of the variations Improve the process by removing the […]

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six sigma training

Follow Directions with Six Sigma or Fail

There is a reason that steps were created to follow for success when you decide to use Six Sigma methodologies. The naysayers that say Six Sigma doesn’t work may be impatient and start skipping steps, or perhaps it is due to lack of support. The point is if the correct conditions aren’t met, you will […]

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quality six sigma

Quality Six Sigma Style is Important on Many Levels

Quality control in Six Sigma is an ongoing endeavor and requires a mindset of having a success rate of 99.9997%. This requires consistent monitoring for defects, waste, and variation using specific Lean Six Sigma tools, such as: Value Stream Mapping Regression Analysis Pareto Chart Kaizen  Poke-Yoke Now let’s talk about what creates a habit. A […]

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dmaic template 6sigma.us

Use the Six Sigma DMAIC Tool and They Will Listen

Clean up your way of communicating by using Six Sigma DMAIC. The main issue with people not being heard is they aren’t communicating in an effective and concise way. Ever notice that when someone is passionate about a topic, their tone is different? That’s because they are well-versed on the subject matter.  When discussing topics […]

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six sigma principles thanksgiving

The Six Sigma Holiday Principles

As we’re always inspired by the Six Sigma principles here, we thought we would apply a few of them to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. We have changed a couple of words, such as instead of customer, we used family and friends. These Six Sigma principles are very important for having the very best possible Thanksgiving […]

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5s tool

Teaching Children Organization with the 5S Tool

For parents to teach their children to clean up after themselves is at best a grueling, undesirable task. Yet as Six Sigma teaches in the 5S Tool, “Everything in its place and a place for everything.” This Lean Six Sigma template of the 5S is an excellent tool for teaching small children or children of […]

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six sigma tools painless changes 6sigma.us blog

Six Sigma Tools for Painless Changes

It is imperative that we are open to change in life as well as business. Since the only constant is change, we must be flexible in our mindset. That being said, when we do get stuck in the way we handle our business processes, and change is imminent, we can refer to some great Six […]

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