Design for Six Sigma - DFSS

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)- From process optimization to process engineering

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) focuses on conducting Critical Parameter Management (CPM) and addresses 2 “voices” – Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Process – which must be understood to minimize redesign and design rework. This is done to identify the few variables that dominate the development of baseline performance, the optimization of robust performance, and the certification of capable performance.

DFSS training is ideal for engineers, designers, interested managers, and technicians- all those who would lead or be members of a DFSS project team.

6Sigma.us offers several Live Virtual options:

  • DFSS White Belt (1 day – Monday).
  • DFSS Green Belt (3 days – Monday-Wednesday). Recommended for participants who have current DMAIC Green & Black Belt.
  • DMAIC/DFSS Combined Green Belt (2 weeks). Week 1 covers the above concepts along with introducing traditional DMAIC concepts. Week 2 will focus on technical concepts and project control plans and documentation. No prerequisites include the SigmaXL software license.

Course Hours (given by each time zone):

  • 10 am – 5 pm (Eastern)
  • 9 am – 4 pm (Central)
  • 7 am – 2 pm (Pacific)

This information is available in an Adobe PDF that may be printed. To receive a copy, please send an email with “Design For Six Sigma Brochure” in the subject line to dfss@dmaic.us.

Learn more about our DFSS training in this short video!

DFSS White Belt (1 Day)

Cost of Virtual Live Training: $425


  • Applying the Lean Six Sigma mindset and methodologies to product, service, and process design
  • Phase-Gate design structures, checklists, and principles of concurrent development
  • Defining and chartering Design projects
  • Deploying the Voice of the Customer (VOC) through product, service, and process design
  • Identifying risk in the design process

No prerequisites

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DFSS Green Belt (3 Days)

Cost of Virtual Live Training: $1,895


  • All White Belt Topics, plus:
  • Management of design and process-related risk
  • Gaining and understanding the Voice of the Customer
  • Deploying the Voice of the Customer through the initial stages of Product Design
  • Tools and techniques for Benchmarking
  • Using a Design Scorecard to ensure success
  • Development of the Functional Mindset; Functional Mapping & Analysis
  • Concept Ideation: Ideal Final Result & the Morphological Matrix
  • Concept Generation and Controlled Convergence (CGCC)
  • Design for X (manufacturability, serviceability, etc.)
  • Piloting and Prototyping
  • Planning and Transitioning the design to production

Prerequisites: Recommended to have a DMAIC Green or Black Belt

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DFSS Black Belt (3 Days) Virtual Training

Cost of Virtual Live Training: $1,895


  • Advanced understanding of customer needs through Kano Analysis
  • Enabling creativity through the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
  • Effectively handling contradictions in the design process
  • Efficient handling of functional requirements
  • Using effective design principles to manage interfaces and keep the design simple
  • Using simulation to efficiently test the system design
  • Understanding and managing reliability and robustness in the design process
  • Advanced experimental techniques to enhance design robustness

Prerequisite: Recommended to have a DFSS Green Belt and advised DMAIC Green Belt experience

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Questions or concerns related to DFSS training?

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