PowerPoint Presentations – Six Sigma Project Examples

Six Sigma Project Examples and Other PowerPoint Presentations

Sporting Arms

Six Sigma Black Belt Project

In this Project, the team will analyze log book error rates between clerks and their causes. They will develop subsequent preventative, and corrective actions to comply with federally regulated procedural requirements in the documenting of firearm inventory and traceability control.

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Habitat for Humanity

Six Sigma Black Belt Project

The purpose of this project is to reduce the cycle time, from Final Inspection to Permanent Electric Meter being set, to within 10 business days, to avoid delayed move-ins of new homeowners.

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Introduction to Statistical Design of Experiments

Unit I

Unit I of this series is an Introduction to Statistical Design of Experiments. Commonly known as DOE, it is a method of controlling one or more input variables at two or more levels to determine if, and how one or more output variables change.

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Robust Design - Using Taguchi Methods

Unit VII

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