Fundamental understanding of Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma White Belt workshops, sponsored by, are geared toward providing you with fundamental comprehension of the Lean Six Sigma (also known as LSS) outline involving process improvement, variability, process performance, and the specific roles that different team members play.

Our Six Sigma White Belt workshop is 6-8 hours in length and covers the following topics:

  • Overview of LSS methods
  • LSS positioning roles
  • Variability introduction

Students who attend this workshop lend support to the process improvement projects as either a Project Leader or as a Team Member. These specific workshops must be completed by enrolling in one of our Six Sigma Overview/White Belt courses. Open enrollment is available, and these classes are taught in over 20 locations, on your PC via our self-paced training, or on a Six Sigma White Belt webinar.

Read About Top 10 Reasons for Six Sigma White Belt Training

All Six Sigma White Belt students will be given an introduction to the tools and methods to be used as follows:

  • To acquire a basic understanding of Six Sigma and Lean
  • To obtain knowledge about the DMAIC process (Six Sigma structure) and their roles
  • To understand specific DMAIC processes including how to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control
  • To reduce resources and waste, while augmenting satisfaction among customers
  • Self-Paced Option Lean Six Sigma Online White Belt Training and Certification
Six Sigma Webinar

Online White Belt Webinars

The interactive session will be provided to you live via one of our real-world Master Black Belts, providing each student with the opportunity to ask questions as the course progresses. This 6-hour online seminar discusses the philosophies, history, techniques, and tools of Six Sigma and Lean in a language that is able to be understood by all attendees. This overview is ideal for the following candidates:

  • Leaders who want to move forward with Six Sigma or Lean strategy or both
  • Branches or organizations that need a clear grasp or knowledge with regards to Six Sigma and/or Lean
  • Administrators who desire to examine choices involving enhancement of productivity, performance improvement, and structured change

This platform is also excellent as a primer for possibly all employees in a company to enable everyone to understand the methods their company uses as a foundation to build upon. Course Times: 11am – 3 pm (Eastern) 10 am – 2 pm (Central) 8 am – 12 pm (Pacific)