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White Belt — Gain a fundamental understanding of Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma White Belt training is the first step in the Lean Six Sigma process. And, as it is the foremost step,’ White Belt training provides an all-around knowledge of Six Sigma roadmaps and methodologies. With this course, you’ll have a basic understanding of Six Sigma processes, concepts, and ideologies. You will be able to understand concepts that involve process improvement, variability reduction, improvement process performance, and the various roles that team members play. Kickstart your Six Sigma journey today!

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Our White Belt course covers the following topics:

  • Lean Six Sigma Program Overview
  • Define Phase
  • Lean Six Sigma Deployment

At the end of this course, the attendees will:

  • Acquire a basic understanding of Six Sigma and Lean tools and methods
  • Gain an understanding of the phases of the Six Sigma methodology (DMAIC process)
  • Introduce specific DMAIC concepts within each of the phases (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control)

White Belt attendees will be able to begin their journey toward the professional competencies of the Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. After obtaining this first-level belt, they can become a team member of a Green Belt or Black Belt project.

White and Yellow Belt are not prerequisites for Green Belt, you may enroll directly in the Green Belt training course if your expectation is to lead projects.

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Six Sigma Online Training

White Belt Online Training

The White Belt Online training is approximately 4 hours. Attendees are provided with 30 days of access to complete the course at their own pace. This training is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Six Sigma Onsite Training

White Belt Onsite Training

Group training tailored to your organization. Training can be provided either at your site or live virtually. Ideal for groups larger than 6.

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Current Classroom Training Schedule

Six Sigma White BeltWhite Belt Training [ ]

Duration Dates Location Cost Register
1 Day Jul-30-2024 Virtual Instructor-led Training
$299 Register
1 Day Aug-12-2024 Minneapolis, MN
$499 Register
1 Day Aug-20-2024 Virtual Instructor-led Training
$299 Register
1 Day Sep-10-2024 Virtual Instructor-led Training
$299 Register
1 Day Sep-16-2024 Boston, MA
$499 Register
1 Day Sep-16-2024 Dallas, TX
$499 Register
1 Day Oct-01-2024 Virtual Instructor-led Training
$299 Register
1 Day Oct-07-2024 Atlanta, GA
$499 Register
1 Day Oct-22-2024 Virtual Instructor-led Training
$299 Register
1 Day Nov-12-2024 Austin, TX
$499 Register
1 Day Nov-12-2024 Virtual Instructor-led Training
$299 Register
1 Day Nov-18-2024 Chicago, IL
$499 Register
1 Day Dec-09-2024 Orlando, FL
$499 Register


4.8/5 based on 694 reviews
  • It was a great experience overall with a lot of relevant information. This was a great first step on the Lean Six Sigma journey.

    Adam Festge | 5

  • Course overview mateiral for white belt coverage was easy to follow and understand once better knowledge of verbage and topic aim was figured out. A plethora of knowledge to absorbe in the first courses that seem to soundly set the stage for future modules.

    Adam Speegle | 5

  • This course was an excellent intro to 6sigma. The information was easy to obsorb because of the formatting. 1. The narrator-voice was clear and easy to listen to. 2. I was able to read and follow along with the lesson. 3. The subject modules had just the right amount of information with examples and diagrams.

    Adela Gomez | 5

  • This course was easy to navigate and very suscinct in its content. I enjoyed the efficiency of the presentations!

    Alan Doucet | 5

  • Some audio on slides cut off before speaker was finished; lots of repetition provided good re-inforcement. Good course!

    Alan Tarrant | 5

  • Course over all is great , it would be good for the people who bought the hard copy to arrive faster so it can be read and studied along with the slides.

    Albert Mekhaiel | 5

  • I believe this coursed covered all the necessary points to be successful in wanting to learn more about Six Sigma and pursue further belts.

    Alejandro Argenal | 5

  • This course gives the student a high-level overview of Six Sigma, which is why I took it. Thanks!

    Alice Hughes | 5

  • The initial modules were a little overwhelming. I think it would have been more effective to start with module 2 first.

    Amanda Blackwood | 5

  • The course helped me grasp the basic concepts and foundations of Six Sigma.

    Angelo Fish | 5