Jumpstart Training

SixSigma.us is ready to provide in-person classes following social distancing and local guidelines in regards to COVID-19. For those clients who are not allowing employees to attend public sessions or non-essential training, we will continue to deliver training virtually. Please Contact Us if you have questions.

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The Six Sigma Jumpstart is the same as the first week of a Six Sigma Green Belt and provides students with the skills needed to begin Six Sigma projects. Students will have the option of completing week 2 of the Green Belt at a later date.

Classroom courses take place Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm of most of the Six Sigma Green Belt class.

Webinar courses take place from Tuesday to Friday. Classes are 6 hours long each day.

It is a prerequisite for the Six Sigma JumpStart a basic understanding of Microsoft Office products, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Minitab software is also required. You may choose to download the 30-day free trial in time for the class or you may choose to purchase a deeply discounted version of Minitab at the time of enrollment.

Note: Jumpstart includes White & Yellow Belt training.

4 Days Jul-26-2021 Chicago, IL $1900 Register
4 Days Jul-26-2021 Atlanta, GA $1900 Register
4 Days Aug-02-2021 Philadelphia, PA $1900 Register
4 Days Aug-16-2021 Providence, RI $1900 Register
4 Days Aug-16-2021 Raleigh, North Carolina $1900 Register
4 Days Aug-23-2021 Las Vegas, NV $1900 Register
4 Days Sep-13-2021 Chicago Elmhurst, IL $1900 Register
4 Days Sep-13-2021 Dallas, TX $1900 Register
4 Days Sep-20-2021 Indianapolis, IN $1900 Register
4 Days Sep-20-2021 San Francisco, CA $1900 Register
4 Days Sep-20-2021 San Antonio, TX $1900 Register
4 Days Sep-20-2021 Boston, MA $1900 Register
4 Days Sep-27-2021 Los Angeles, CA $1900 Register
4 Days Sep-27-2021 Tampa, FL $1900 Register
4 Days Sep-27-2021 St. Louis, MO $1900 Register
4 Days Oct-04-2021 Washington, DC $1900 Register
4 Days Oct-04-2021 Toronto, ON $1900 Register
4 Days Oct-04-2021 Houston, TX $1900 Register
4 Days Oct-04-2021 Seattle, WA $1900 Register
4 Days Oct-12-2021 Portland, OR $1900 Register
4 Days Oct-18-2021 DC Metro, Tysons Corner, VA $1900 Register
4 Days Oct-18-2021 Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ $1900 Register
4 Days Oct-18-2021 Pittsburgh, PA $1900 Register
4 days (Mon-Thu) Oct-25-2021 Dubai, UAE $1900 Register
4 Days Oct-25-2021 Elizabeth, NJ $1900 Register
4 Days Nov-01-2021 Nashville, TN $1900 Register
4 Days Nov-15-2021 Chicago, IL $1900 Register
4 Days Nov-15-2021 Atlanta, GA $1900 Register
4 Days Nov-15-2021 San Jose, CA $1900 Register
4 Days Nov-15-2021 Austin, TX $1900 Register
4 Days Dec-06-2021 Orlando, FL $1900 Register
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