What is a 5S Event?

5s event

5S is a popular and commonly-used tool in Lean manufacturing and is used for the optimization of workplace conditions. Often, 5S is used as a key building block within many lean continuous improvement efforts. This is because this tool not only offers a solid base on which improvements can be established but also gets workers from within the designated area actively involved in improvement initiatives. Commonly, 5S events run for three to five days.

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Preparation for Your 5S Event

Running this event is fairly simple and, with a bit of preparation, a 5S event can offer some pretty impressive results. What’s more, it is also great for team building and morale. Some of the things you should consider before you begin to include:

  • Which part or aspect of the organization needs 5S? Select the department that will not only benefit the most but will also create a buzz within the company. This should be the model cell area, where other workers can visit to be inspired.
  • Make sure that you have enough time, supplies, and resources (including people) available for the event.
  • Disseminate communication throughout the organization that will let everyone know what 5S is. One way is to give a presentation to the team explaining what the tool is and the objectives of the exercise. Before and after photos work the best for communicating successes.
  • Consider what storage solutions you may require after cleaning up the clutter.

After considering the points above, you are ready to kick off your Kaizen 5S event! Here are the five steps:

  1. Sort

Begin by setting up criteria to distinguish between any workplace items that are necessary and those which are not needed. This type of sorting eliminates clutter and ensures that an untidy workplace does not affect efficiency. You may then store necessary items where they can be accessed easily for use. This step will result in a reduction in floor space needed for that area.

  1. Straighten

The next step of the event is to ensure that items are arranged in a manner that makes it easy to find and retrieve. The necessary items could be further delineated by those needed often, items needed occasionally, and those rarely needed. Placement of the items necessary for work should be according to these three categories, with those needed often being the easiest to reach. If you don’t use something very often, move it far away or into long-term storage. This step will result in reduced time spent and greater productivity.

  1. Sweep

The third step is focused on cleaning the workplace. The team can get down to scrubbing the work areas thoroughly to remove any stains or dirt. It is also important to note that another aim of this is to improve safety conditions, so it helps to look for areas that may require repainting of safety markings. If your workplace was already relatively neat and clean, this should not take long. This step is intended to make the workplace look nice, generate excitement in the team, and establish a new habit of keeping things clean.

  1.   Standardize

Running an event can be enjoyable and very rewarding – clearing cluttered workplaces and turning the work environment into one in which every worker takes pride. However, if not maintained, the gains from this event will be short-lived. Through standardization, the best ideas from the workers are compared and agreed upon. They are shared across departments, value streams, and locations. Signs, labels, colors, procedures, and markings are made consistent and spread across the organization so there is less confusion.

  1. Sustain

Finally, you should make sure that there are some members of the senior leadership who will take responsibility for the continuing maintenance and success of the 5S initiative. This sense of ownership should include having 5S entrenched within daily management systems. Leadership should make sure departments self-audit to ensure that employees maintain the new systems they developed. Undoubtedly, the most difficult part of running the event is ensuring that people do not slip back into their old habits once the event is concluded. In addition, communications and procedures are established to install the 5S phases as a continuous and sustainable part of the company culture. All you need to remember is to keep the 5S maintenance principles as simple and easy to follow as possible.


5S events are an excellent way to ensure that workspaces remain organized and clutter-free. As a bonus, the results of this event are immediate and apparent, something that will build excitement among the team and encourage them to carry out further improvements. When carried out correctly and improved daily by those who do the work, these improvements will become ingrained in the minds of the workers and become company culture.

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