Image: Quality Function Deployment

Quality Function Deployment: The Customer-Driven Methodology

Customer happiness is the key for any business that wants to succeed and to stay in the long run. One approach that helps companies listen to and please their customers is called Quality Function Deployment, or QFD for short. QFD gives teams a powerful way to understand exactly what clients want and need when designing […]

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social listening

Social Listening: Why It’s Important for Brands

If you’re not watching out for what your customers have been sharing about your brand on social media platforms, you’ve been missing out a great deal. Social listening is the art and science of gathering the voice of the customer (VOC) from social media platforms and can provide powerful actionable insights to increase profits and […]

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voice of the customer

Voice of the Customer: The Questions to Ask

Businesses are often aware of the importance of the voice of the customer. However, asking the right questions is significant to ensure you capture all feedback and requests. The Voice of the Customer can be a significant driver in maintaining brand loyalty, so your customers keep coming back to your brand for your offerings. It […]

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Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer and Lean: An Essential Guide

Customer acquisition is but the start of a long journey. Businesses work hard to retain customers considering the higher costs of acquiring new customers. Understanding what your customers need at a particular point in time should be your priority.  Businesses should ask customers what they feel about their products and how they could be improved […]

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voice of the customer infographic

Infographic: Voice of the Customer

The customer is the most important part of your business; they determine if your product or service is worth their hard-earned money. With the new normal we are experiencing now, it is imperative that you find out what your customers wants and needs are. How do you find all this out in a global economy? […]

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voice of customer

In the World of Six Sigma It’s All About the Customer

Those who aren’t familiar with Six Sigma may not know about the Voice of Customer (VOC) tool and its importance. They feel that if you give a customer too much, that it might cost your business too much money and furthermore it would be a waste. This could not be further from the truth! Listening […]

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voice of the customer VOC

Voice of the Customer (VOC): Because Your Customer Is Your Top Priority

Have you ever been on websites such as Yelp, Google, or HomeAdvisor? Well, these websites are all fall under the umbrella of VOC, or Voice of the Customer. This is how important VOC has become to future consumers. Unfortunately, you don’t want to find out that your business doesn’t add up by looking on Yelp […]

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six sigma basics part 2

A Review in the Basics of Six Sigma: Part 2

Important Key Principles in Six Sigma The reason Six Sigma works is because of its key principles. If every business followed these principles, there is no doubt that the number of business successes would dramatically rise. Value Customer focus and requirements: This is the main staple of business success, really understanding what is important to […]

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why is six sigma good for business

Why is Six Sigma Important for Business?

Why is Six Sigma important for business? This may seem like an ignorant question, but to people who don’t know what Six Sigma is, it is a perfectly good question. If there was a way to prevent a disease that ran in your family, you would likely do whatever it took to prevent from getting […]

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verizon lean six sigma

Lean Six Sigma Heard Verizon Loud and Clear

The difference is obvious when it comes to companies that implement Six Sigma and Lean methodologies and tools. As a member of the public (or better still, as a customer who uses their products or services) one would first notice the company’s excellent product or service. If something were to go wrong (which is rare, […]

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Avoid Decision Delays with Six Sigma

Six Sigma Project Success: How to Deal with Decision Delays

Decision delays are the bane of a well-run Six Sigma project. Your time is valuable and we understand how frustrating it can become. Delay is also a problem in production, executive, and administrative processes all over the world, but it can be overcome. Not only is delay detrimental to Kaizen but it also violates Lean […]

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six sigma competition

Six Sigma: The Death Star to Competition

Competition: Rivalry for supremacy; a contest for a prize, honor, or advantage. As you can see from its definition, competition has somewhat of a negative connotation, because in order for someone or something to be regarded as the best, the opposition inadvertently loses some of its value. The Academy Awards Every year, the entertainment industry […]

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quality failure, lean six sigma, six sigma tools, lean manufacturing

Quality Failure: What Went Wrong?

When we see business failure, in any form, the immediate reaction is to try and understand what went wrong. That’s how we learn. Understanding mistakes and errors leads to higher levels of success of further endeavors. So, the post-mortem begins in an effort to understand the causes of failure in seemingly successful organizations. We have […]

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capability analysis, six sigma tools, quality, 6sigma.us

Capability Analysis: Understand the Variables

The Capability Analysis offers a method of understanding variables or limitations of process performance. Every project has performance limits and variances that will be acceptable to the customer. Align the process variables to ensure they meet customer expectations to determine the value of the process. The Value of Capability Analysis The true capability of a […]

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Lean Six Sigma Tools

What are the different Lean Six Sigma Tools?

Tools play a very important role in Lean Six Sigma, as their use help in obtaining cost, speed as well as leaps in quality. Very much like Six Sigma, the DMAIC model is used to make improvements. Today we will look into the tools used in Lean Six Sigma: SIPOC: The full form of this […]

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Quality Function Development, QFD, lean six sigma, lean six sigma tools, 6sigma.us

Quality Function Development (QFD): Translating Customer Demands

Can you get a better understanding of customer demands using the Quality Function Development (QFD) process? Understanding the true needs of the customer can be a touchy process. Typically, business tends to focus on the negatives. Their operational focus is like putting out fires, responding to negative feedback and complaints. Wouldn’t it be nice to […]

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customer experience, voc, customer service, lean six sigma, six sigma , 6sigma.us

Customer Experience: You Get What You Give

How many times have you heard that statement? You get what you give. It is like a life mantra we have heard since our childhood. When you think about the customer experience, the old adage could never be more applicable. The problem is that as we grow, those words of wisdom get diluted in the […]

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knowing your customer, voice of the customer, customer service, 6sigma.us

Customers: How Well Do You Know Them?

Uncovering the Cover Up Customers. What do they really know? Fact is, my business is doing just fine and am pretty confident  there aren’t any issues. Oh, I have a few ‘difficult’ customers, but I really don’t worry about them. They cause us more problems than there are worth in sales, so it really doesn’t […]

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