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Instructor's knowledge and presentation skill (with life experience), one of the best instructors I ever had for this type of material, including my previous Six Sigma Blackbelt class (in 1996)

Wesley | 3.8

The course did an excellent job of giving real world examples to relate to the subject matter.

Andrew | 5

This course helped reinforce a number of things I have learned over the years but didn't realize is was part of the Six Sigma process. Six Sigma provides tools and methodolgy for systematically improving processes by putting inplace measures to continually monitor for improvement. I am already using the tools in some of my work projects. I liked the way the course was laid out and the fact that you could go back and review modules when you might need a refresher. I'm sad about not having those modules available to me beyond the 1 year time limit. due to time constraints, I got a late start with the course work. However, I did purchase the course book and have my notes and on site black belt as a mentor.

Angela | 5

The training is very interesting and well structured.

Angelo | 5

Excellent course! The explanations were clear, concise and to the point and the pace was comfortable to follow. The examinations covered the most important topics and served as a good reminder of these. Looking forward to continue with the Black Belt course soon. Two suggestions: (1) Make a case study of the entire Green Belt Process available to the student (it doesn't matter the topic, as long as the example covers well the elements of the GB project including inputs, analyses and outputs, reports, etc.) and (2) make the course available on a pdf file besides the hardcopy.

Arturo | 5

I am very happy with the course and the outcome. There were initially glitches witht he programme but they seem to have been solved after I brought them to the attention of the administrator.

Brian | 5

Great program which will help me in improving my company. Thank you

Carlos | 5

Great course. Material laid out very clearly. Voiced over PowerPoint was an effective way to deliver the course material, ideas, and concepts.

Christopher | 5

This was an excellent course, I can't wait for the black belt course.

Christopher | 5

The quizzes were very helpful in reviewing the information following the lecture.

Delaney | 5

This class really helped me link my expectations at my job with real life opportunites to test and change things for the better.

Derek | 5

It is a very complete course and it is easy to undestand the concepts onit. I think something you can improve is the amount of examples given in the files attached to the course.

Fabian | 5

Course is very well structured and explained. Examples to explain are good and minitab introduction is effective.

Guido | 5

Great questions for each of the statistics tests

Hayden | 5

Looking forward to the BB course! Change "Gauge" to "Gage" in process control quiz.

Heidi | 5

i liked everything about this course

Phillip | 5

This is a very interesting course with techniques and processes that I can definitely implement in my working environment. The information is well presented.

Heleen | 5

I am not in a manufacturing industry. Therefore more of my focus was on the process mapping and error proofing type items instead of the statistical part. The course was layout very well. It flowed very well and I was able to come back to it without starting over, this was a big plus. Good job overall.

Jeff | 5

Interesting material I'm learning here

Gerren | 5

Awsome,thank you for this awsome class , i started it by taking the class in person, i have to say its much better because you have the teacher in front , taking this class on line is ok, thank you for all your help

Jerry | 5