DMAIC Step One

Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve
Control and Synergize

Step One – Define

The purpose of the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology is to resolve problems with unidentified answers. DMAICThe issue or (“Y”) must be well-defined in tangible quantifiable terms with a working description. The group dedicated to the Six Sigma assignment will determine a project by choosing options that reflect the organizational goals, as well as the consumers of the process based on their requirements. This will be accomplished during the Define phase. The group is looking for CTQs (critical to quality characteristics) which have a dramatic effect on quality. From this selection, the “vital few” are distinguished from the “trivial many”. The result is a map of the process that will be improved.

“Six Sigma has the power to vastly improve processes. Don’t waste these valuable resources. Identify and understand how you deliver on the promises of your brand and deploy your Black Belts intelligently where they are needed. The use of Y=f(x) analysis is one proven way to gain insight into an organization. If you don’t understand how to deliver to your customers, eventually they will find someone who does!”


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