Partial Client List – Global Six Sigma USA

Over 5,000 companies have trusted us to train over 25,000 of their staff since 2004.

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Companies that successfully applied Six Sigma in their activity are from different industries:

Governmental Services

Governmental Services include Military, Infrastructure, Transport, Treasury, R&D, IT systems and technologies, Legislative Institutions, Healthcare and Hospitals, Foundations and Associations.

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Manufacturing including sectors: Automotive Sector, Aerospace, Aicraft Construction, Biotech, Chemical Sector, Clothes/Shoes, Electronics and Hi-Tech, Equipment Construction, Foods, Metallurgical Sector, Paper, Textile, Woods.

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Pharmaceuticals and Nutrition

Laboratories and R&D, drug and nutrition additive production, pharmacies.

Professional Services

All sort of professional services, freelancers, private sector.


Chain stores, retail/wholesale, online stores.


Broadband/Internet communication networks, private networks, data services.

Travel and Leisure

Hospitality, travelling, sports.