The Most Complete Minitab Training and It’s Online!

Developed to work hand in hand with Six Sigma, Minitab software was designed to help you analyze data, which is the mainstay of Six Sigma projects. The capabilities of this software are limitless and far exceed what is used in most Six Sigma projects, regardless of the industry. Minitab was designed to grow with your […]

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online lean six sigma

Keep Your Mind Sharp With Online Lean Six Sigma Training

There is a saying, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” This brings us to the time we are experiencing right now. The current world situation and stay-at-home orders have touched all of our lives in one way or another.  If you have lost a loved one, our thoughts and prayers are with you. On […]

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virtual classroom training six sigma

Virtual Six Sigma Training with

Our Six Sigma remote classes are on such a high level that some say they enjoy them even better than our traditional classes! Many appreciate not having to drive to a location. The focus is on learning, and the way the information is given, it is very easy to understand. Just like there are those who […]

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master black belt

The Best Master Black Belt Training Is like Visiting Disney World

Do you remember as a child going to Disney World and being completely immersed in the interactive world you were thrown in? Everything was so real that you couldn’t stop talking about it for days, even weeks because the experience was real. That’s exactly how the Master Black Belt class that starts September 23rd, 2019 […]

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Get the Six Sigma Fundamentals with White Belt Training

As many of those involved in Six Sigma have noticed, Six Sigma is very progressive and has kept up with the times. There is a traditional base to the methodology, but with the use of technology, it stays relevant to modern business practices. This takes education and exercising those Six Sigma muscles! The best way […]

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jumpstart six sigma training

Get on Board with Our Six Sigma Jumpstart Course

With the current demands on your time, what do you if you are truly motivated to understand the Lean Six Sigma roadmap so that you can get started on that project you’ve been putting off at work? STOP! has the solution and it’s called Jumpstart! We’ll cover the basics on how to scope your […]

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minitab training

Six Sigma Software, Minitab

Minitab is a great Six Sigma software for collecting the exact data you need, regardless of the industry you’re in. Here at 6Sigma, we have a great book that will give you all the information you need to use Minitab, Applying Six Sigma Using Minitab 3rd Edition. As we all know, Six Sigma is all about […]

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root cause analysis course

Six Sigma’s Root Cause Analysis Is a Must for Business

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is one fundamental Six Sigma methodology that will change your life. It will give you subtle confidence when issues occur, helping you get to the root of the problem. The best part of the methodology are the tools; they can be used to get to the root of any problem in […]

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lean fundamental

Get to Know Your Lean Fundamentals

We are well into 2019, and it’s time to challenge yourself into making a real impact in your business. is offering classes for both beginner or advanced Six Sigma students.  Today we are throwing focus on Six Sigma’s Lean Fundamentals Course with Certification. This is undoubtedly the best around. Remember, “Lean” centers around the […]

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root cause analysis

Top Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Course at

Have you wanted to solve an issue or problem and get to the root cause so it won’t happen again? Perhaps you have a problem with an unknown cause. Do you know how to solve a problem with an unknown cause? If these questions have piqued your interest, then our 3-day course at, appropriately […]

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lean training

Special Training for DFSS Designed by

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is gaining in popularity as more businesses are beginning to take heed to what their customers want. We are offering two great courses for DFSS; one is a self-paced online course, and the other is taught by Master Black Belt Peter Peterka. Our self-paced program can be accessed globally and […]

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six sigma

Make it Happen in 2018 with Six Sigma!

Not everyone is a great chef, but if you can follow a recipe, you can produce a delicious meal. Not everyone is a great business person, but if you follow Six Sigma’s methodologies and tools, you will make your business a success. Our Six Sigma courses provide you with the knowledge as well as the […]

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Taking Legal Action with Six Sigma

In the worst scenarios, illegitimate practitioners will try to copy your organization and even steal your employees. Equally, business fraud of any kind almost always requires you to take legal action. It’s an unfortunate fact that Six Sigma does not have its own governing body, which means that anyone can get away with anything. For […]

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Six Sigma and Business Analytics: Detecting Fraud

Six Sigma’s usefulness goes well beyond process improvement. It’s also a powerful tool for detecting fraud in accounting data. You should always remain vigilant, as it is often unexpected and difficult to identify. Are you worried about your organization being compromised by fraud? Six Sigma can help. Once you know what to look for, you […]

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Six Sigma and KPIs: Customer Complaints

Your customers are the most important factor for generating revenue. Think about it. Without customers to pay for your products and services, you have no revenue, which means no profit. Plain and simple. Without customers, your business can’t exist. Make sure you know and understand what your customers want. Understanding customer demand is essential to […]

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How to Manage Difficult Team Members

Let’s face it; we all have to deal with difficult team members from time to time. Whether it’s little issues, such as not showing up to work on time, or bigger ones, like failing to complete tasks on time, it’s important to effectively manage the situation. Six Sigma focuses on providing innovative improvement methods for […]

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Practicing Due Diligence: Signs of a Legitimate Professional

When searching for your first, or next, Six Sigma course, it’s important to be on the lookout for illegitimate practitioners. These practitioners may talk you in to paying more for a course than you should, falsely advertise their program, or fall through on their certification promises. Regardless of the reason, there will always be a […]

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Six Sigma Leadership Profile: Uber

At, we like to analyze a variety of companies in our ‘Leadership Profile’ articles to showcase how they use Six Sigma. These companies exhibit innovative and resourceful skills that help further progress their organization’s success. Whether you’re a non-profit organization or an industry-leading manufacturing company, there’s always a use for Six Sigma methodologies. In […]

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Six Sigma Case Study: Whole Foods

It’s impossible to avoid the growing footprint of Whole Foods across the United States. Since the company’s creation in the late 1970’s, the grocery store chain has become a household name. Seen as a premium brand, its business model focuses on a set of strict criteria and a specific customer base. However, with its strict […]

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Practicing Due Diligence: Checking In

Whenever you work on a project, apply for a new career, or order something online, you like to check its status. How far along your project has come, when your next interview will be, and where your package is, are all questions you ask when checking the progress. Six Sigma is no different. When you […]

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