DMAIC Step Three

Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve
Control and Synergize

Step Three – Analyze

In this phase, the group will use analysis to isolate the reasons for errors that need to be corrected. In addition, the Analyze phase will provide insight on how to remove the space between the current level of performance and the anticipated level. This encompasses realizing why deficiencies are produced by ascertaining the crucial variables which are apt to generate process variation.

A frequent misconception individuals have about the Six Sigma methodology is that the DMAIC process requires too much time to realize improvements. The reality is that “quick hits” are often discovered very early in the project. In most cases these improvements are established prior the Analyze phase. Major developments may not happen until the data related to the process is scrutinized. This is when the revolutions occur. The Analysis methods used in Six Sigma are designed to expose more problematic resolutions.

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Project Example for Six Sigma DMAIC 

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