Minitab Essentials Training for Six Sigma Professionals

Every industry or trade has some core functions essential to the success of any professionals practicing their trade or craft. For Six Sigma professionals, mastering statistics is vital to their success. One of the most essential tools used for statistical work is the Minitab software package. Combined with other tools, strategies, and data formats, Six […]

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Virtual Training Class Lineup for 2022

We continue to lead the charge for busy professionals seeking to up their game as Lean Six Sigma consultants and practitioners with a lineup of virtual training classes for the remainder of 2022. The November schedule kicked off with a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) virtual training class. The three-day live online course launched November 1st […]

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six sigma project champion

The Unsung Lean Six Sigma Champions

When we think of the sports fans at a sporting event, or the audience at an awards ceremony, we never think they play an important role in the actual event. But they do — the audiences provide the energy and motivation to cheer their teams or the recipient of the award on.  The same goes […]

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America Has Always Celebrated Opportunity

With these uncertain times, there is a damper on the nation’s most beloved Fourth of July holiday celebrations, with all the fanfare and beautiful expressions of love for our freedom being put on hold. But don’t let our current challenges take away your motivation and drive. Even though we are going through a tough period right […]

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5 whys

5 Whys: Quarantine and the Value of Six Sigma Tools

Currently many people in different areas are stuck in their homes because of the COVID-19 quarantine mandates imposed by their individual states or countries that they live in. People are complaining about being bored and not feeling productive, which can lead to depression, overeating, and an overall downward spiral. There are simple Six Sigma tools that […]

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online six sigma

Keep Your Mind Sharp With Online Lean Six Sigma Training

There is a saying, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” This brings us to the time we are experiencing right now. The current world situation and stay-at-home orders have touched all of our lives in one way or another.  If you have lost a loved one, our thoughts and prayers are with you. On […]

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virtual classroom training six sigma

Virtual Six Sigma Training with 6sigma.us

Our Six Sigma remote classes are on such a high level that some say they enjoy them even better than our traditional classes! Many appreciate not having to drive to a location. The focus is on learning, and the way the information is given, it is very easy to understand. Just like there are those who […]

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