Black Belts gain a deeper knowledge of the analytics tool to optimize complex processes.

The Black Belt training is perfect for those who want to master Six Sigma techniques and strategies, lead top-quality projects, and mentor Green Belts. offers a “2+1 format” for in-person programs where the first two weeks are the Green Belt and the third week is focused on Black Belt concepts. This allows candidates with current Green Belt certifications to easily continue their journey without repeating training.

After successful completion of Black Belt with Six Sigma, one becomes eligible to carry out Six Sigma projects of their own. This sought-after certification is highly rewarded in the industry and holds a coveted place in the top organizations. Read to learn more about how Black Belt certification propels your career and fares with the leading salaries offered.

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Our Black Belt after Green Belt classroom and virtual instructor-led courses cover the following topics:

Six Sigma Black Belt is 36-hours of training for advanced process improvement leaders. The focus of the projects, at this level of proficiency, is typically on optimizing the process – establishing the best settings to maximize and provide predictable process performance.

Black Belt development is conducted in either 4.5 days of live in-person training or two 3-day virtual-led training sessions.

Black Belt Training Topics

  • Law of Averages, aka Central Limit Theorem
  • Advanced Measurement Systems Analysis
  • Advanced Capability Studies
  • Multiple Regression
  • Between/Within Analysis, aka Nested ANOVA
  • DOE Planning
  • Full Factorial Experiments
  • Fractional Factorial Designs
  • General Factorial Designs
  • Sample Size Calculation
  • Optimization Designs
  • Multiple Response Optimization
  • Intermediate SPC
  • Change Management
  • Control Methods

Prerequisites: Green Belt training covering the DMAIC roadmap as well as analytical methods and familiarity with Minitab or SigmaXL Statistical software. We will illustrate statistical analysis using Minitab during live training courses.

If you have completed Green Belt with another organization, please contact us to ensure your prior training is of similar nature to the Green Belt program.

Our Black Belt online course covers the following topics:

Session 1 Green Belt Course Topics

  • Six Sigma Program Overview
  • Define Phase
  • Six Sigma Deployment
  • Process Variables Mapping
  • Causes and Effects Matrix
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Waste Identification
  • Methods to Reduce Waste
  • Introduction to Statistics and Graphical Analysis
  • Graphical Analysis with Minitab
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • MSA
  • MSA Exercise
  • Capability Studies
  • Session 1 Comprehensive

Session 2 Green Belt Course Topics

  • Session 1 Review
  • Multi-Vari Studies
  • Hypothesis Tests
  • T-Test / ANOVA
  • Project Presentations
  • Correlation & Regression
  • Chi-Square
  • Green Belt Wrap Up
  • Session 2 Comprehensive

Session 3 Black Belt Course Topics

  • Green Belt Review
  • Review Exercise
  • Central Limit Theory
  • Project Presentations
  • Advanced MSA
  • Advanced Capability
  • Multiple Regression
  • Nested ANOVA
  • DOE Planning
  • Randomized Block Designs
  • Full Factorials
  • Black Belt Wrap up
  • Session 3 Comprehensive

Session 4 Black Belt Course Topics

  • Session 3 Review
  • Review Full Factorials
  • Fractional Factorials
  • Exercise
  • General Factorials
  • Sample Size
  • Project Reviews
  • Optimization Designs
  • Multiple Responses
  • Change Management
  • SPC Review for Control
  • Control Methods
  • Black Belt Wrap Up
  • Session 4 Comprehensive

There are no prerequisites for our Black Belt online program as White, Yellow, and Green Belt concepts are included. Attendees will receive two certificates, one certificate for successfully completing the training and another certificate for successfully completing a live project, which will designate individuals as internationally-recognized Six Sigma Black Belts.

After attending this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Apply advanced statistical tools and work with data of different types and distributions
  • Apply different types of experiments.
  • Determine the sample size needed for experiments
  • Apply the different types of optimization and how it affects processes

As a Black Belt, your mastery of Six Sigma techniques and strategies will help you lead top-quality projects and mentor Green Belts in your organization, where together you will identify and implement breakthrough improvements for enhanced bottom-line results. is proud to offer CEUs, PDUs, and PDCs for our training programs. We are accredited by IACET to offer CEUs, PMI® to offer PDUs, and SHRM to offer PDCs for our Black Belt for the successful completion of all training requirements. (PMI and the PMI Registered Education Provider logo are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.).

To receive an Adobe PDF of information about Black Belt classes from, please send an email with “Black Belt” in the subject line to

Six Sigma Webinar

Black Belt Virtual Instructor-Led Training

The Black Belt Live Virtual Instructor-Led training is 6 Day (36 hours) over 2 months, delivered by one of our Master Black Belt instructors via Zoom. Green Belt training is a prerequisite for this program.

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Black Belt Online Training

The Black Belt Online training is approximately 80 hours. There are no prerequisites for this program. Attendees are provided with 1 year of access to complete the course at their own pace. This training is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.


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  • The course was very easy to follow and understand in a logical manner. Navigating through slides is not very friendly, in the sense if one wants to review past content, etc.

    Ana Isabel Perez Juarez | 5

  • It was very rigorous and engaging

    Kevin Guthrie | 5

  • This was an excellent online work at your desired speed course. I would highly recommend it to others. Lots of great material and MiniTab examples.

    Domenic Romeo | 5

  • The course was great and will be used for as long as I work in any job.

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  • I can not complain one bit. The material was well put together and explained.

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  • Great course!

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  • The content of the course is relevant and can be applied to my working environment. Learning different analysis techniques was interesting and will definitely benefit me in future projects at work.

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  • Loved the online flexibility.

    Kathleen Henley | 5

  • I have had previous courses in lean, but not six sigma. i learned a great deal from this course. I need to practice in Minitab to gain more understanding of the models and how to set up the data so that I can use them on projects/process improvement efforts at work.

    Kathleen Altier | 5

  • I like that the course was well structured and overall easy to follow. I had gotten my belt before with a different company, but that put too much emphasis on the Six Sigma tools without giving an adequate understanding of how the tools were used in the flow of the DMAIC process.

    Ibaad Sadiq | 5