Yellow Belt Training will continue to deliver training virtually through June & July for all classes until further notice from federal, state, and local authorities in regards to COVID-19. The dates associated with a city location will be revised to virtual.

Yellow Belt Training [ ]

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt consists of two days of training.

Classroom Courses will take place Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8am – 4:30pm of every Six Sigma Green Belt class.

Webinar courses begin on Tuesday at 9am (Central). Students may use the 30-day trial version of Minitab for the class.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt students enrolling in the classroom courses may elect to also take the White Belt training that begins on Monday. This gives them the option to continue to the Green Belt training.  Webinar Yellow Belt courses includes White Belt.

The only prerequisite for the Yellow Belt training is a basic understanding of Microsoft Office products, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


2 days Jul-14-2020 Washington, DC $899 Register
2 days Jul-14-2020 Minneapolis, MN $899 Register
2 days Jul-14-2020 Portland, OR $899 Register
2 Days Jul-14-2020 Virtual Instructor-led Training $499 Register
2 days Jul-21-2020 Orlando, FL $899 Register
2 days Jul-28-2020 San Diego $899 Register
2 days Jul-28-2020 Chicago, IL $899 Register
2 days Jul-28-2020 Atlanta, GA $899 Register
2 days Aug-04-2020 Philadelphia, PA $899 Register
2 Days Aug-04-2020 Virtual Instructor-led Training $499 Register
2 days Aug-18-2020 Raleigh, NC $899 Register
2 days Aug-18-2020 Providence, RI $899 Register
2 Days Aug-18-2020 Virtual Instructor-led Training $499 Register
2 days Aug-25-2020 Las Vegas, NV $899 Register
2 Days Sep-08-2020 Virtual Instructor-led Training $499 Register
2 days Sep-15-2020 Chicago Elmhurst, IL $899 Register
2 days Sep-15-2020 Dallas, TX $899 Register
2 days Sep-22-2020 Indianapolis, IN $899 Register
2 days Sep-22-2020 Boston, MA $899 Register
2 days Sep-22-2020 San Francisco, CA $899 Register
2 days Sep-29-2020 Tampa, FL $899 Register
2 days Sep-29-2020 St. Louis, MO $899 Register
2 days Sep-29-2020 Los Angeles, CA $899 Register
2 Days Sep-29-2020 Virtual Instructor-led Training $499 Register
2 days Oct-06-2020 Washington, DC $899 Register
2 days Oct-06-2020 Houston, TX $899 Register
2 days Oct-06-2020 Seattle, WA $899 Register
2 days Oct-06-2020 Toronto, ON $899 Register
2 days Oct-14-2020 Portland, OR $899 Register
2 days Oct-20-2020 San Antonio, TX $899 Register
2 days Oct-20-2020 Pittsburgh, PA $899 Register
2 days Oct-20-2020 Dubai, UAE $899 Register
2 days Oct-20-2020 DC Metro, Tysons Corner, VA $899 Register
2 days Oct-20-2020 Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ $899 Register
2 days Oct-27-2020 Elizabeth, NJ $899 Register
2 days Nov-03-2020 Nashville, TN $899 Register
2 Days Nov-11-2020 Virtual Instructor-led Training $499 Register
2 days Nov-17-2020 Chicago, IL $899 Register
2 days Nov-17-2020 San Jose, CA $899 Register
2 days Nov-17-2020 Austin, TX $899 Register
2 days Nov-17-2020 Atlanta, GA $899 Register
2 days Dec-08-2020 Orlando, FL $899 Register
2 Days Dec-15-2020 Virtual Instructor-led Training $499 Register


  • Process Maps (SIPOC and the Input/Output Maps)
  • C&E Matrix
  • FMEA
  • Basic Statistics
  • Introduction to Minitab
  • Creating Graphs (Basic Quality Tools)

Learning Outcomes

Students will achieve a basic understanding of Six Sigma Statistical Analysis and the skills necessary to support Green and Black Belts working on projects. This training offers the following benefits:

  • Support from the experts at
  • Training to be able to see a broader picture and higher understanding of daily tasks that convert into enhanced quality, decreased waste, and better cycle times

CEU and PDU credits will be provided to students who successfully complete the training and required exam. In addition, attendees must attend all training sessions and participate in all classroom exercises. If a student misses more than one day of training, make up work must be completed before the final exam may be taken and a training certificate, CEU’s or PDU’s will be issued at that time. Individuals interested in receiving PDU’s or CEU’s must pass a comprehensive online exam.

  • 16 PDU’s will be awarded for successful completion of the two-day Yellow Belt training and the final exam.
  • 1.6 CEU’s will be awarded for successful completion of the two-day Yellow Belt training and the final exam.

Want Certification? We offer a two week Green Belt program that is designed to provide you with the skills needed to successfully complete Six Sigma projects. We also have a combined program that allows you to complete your Black Belt in just four weeks of training.

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