The Lean Six Sigma Influence in Manufacturing

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The influence of Lean and Six Sigma continues be show robust growth and influence across all segments of the manufacturing sector during 2015. According to a recent industry survey, 71% of the participants are utilizing the 5S methodology, which is the highest rate reported in five years. The significance of these results cannot be overstated, and are a clear indicator of success within the industry. Of those surveyed, the Six Sigma program was utilized by over 63% of the participants.

We understand that a well-executed Lean manufacturing program does more than just reduce waste and expense. It clearly adds value to the organization. When an organization and the respective employees have a clear understanding of their role and the related accountability, there is value created. This value improves organizational performance and employee satisfaction and retention. What makes this information even more impressive is that utilization of the 5S methodology had been in decline the past five years, to a low of 66%.

As with any other program or methodology, 5S and Six Sigma must have leadership within the organization to ensure buy-in and compliance. Although positions may vary slightly, the three key positions in the methodology are the Lean Champion, Lean Master Black Belt and the Lean Black Belt. The significance of having experience and expertise in these three roles is crucial to any successful program. Without these professionals, a program will not reach its fullest potential, and organizations will struggle supporting the methodology.

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