Six Sigma - Manufacturing Sector DFSS

The Lean Six Sigma Influence in Manufacturing

The influence of Lean and Six Sigma continues be show robust growth and influence across all segments of the manufacturing sector during 2015. According to a recent industry survey, 71% of the participants are utilizing the 5S methodology, which is the highest rate reported in five years. The significance of these results cannot be overstated, […]

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army lean six sigma

Go Army! Earns 10 Lean Six Sigma Excellence Awards

Nothing could speak higher of a nation or a process like this achievement! Ten units of the US Army earned awards for excellence in Lean Six Sigma programs. The units were recognized for excellence in streamlining business operations and saving the service millions of dollars. You may ask yourself why the Army even needs Six […]

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5 Why's - Six Sigma


The most power, befuddling and frustrating question a person can ask or be asked. From a very young age, we use ‘why’ as a tool to understand and sometimes frustrate those giving us instruction or explaining things to us. A child can freeze and frustrate a parent’s actions by asking the simple question ‘why’. As […]

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LEAN Day at the Hospital

A LEAN Day at the Hospital

A dozen people gather for their early morning meeting. The noise of the hustle and bustle of the normal hospital operations fade as the door closes and they settle in to the task at hand. The gathered group represents all specialties of service within the hospital (nurses, nursing assistants, housekeepers, and maintenance and support staff). […]

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Propel your career with Six Sigma

Propelling Your Career Forward with Six Sigma

Growing and managing your corporate career takes dedication and attention to detail. If you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder, you also need to stay competitive and five steps ahead (at least!). While moving up within your department is how many people climb the corporate ladder, many professionals may decide to take their career in […]

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Drive your business forward

Six Sigma Can Drive Your Small Business Forward

While Six Sigma methodologies are most often associated with major corporations, there are many benefits and takeaways for the small business. Whether it’s a restaurant or a retail store, what small business couldn’t benefit from a reduction in labor hours, or an improvement in inventory management? The main goal of implementing Six Sigma doctrines within […]

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Excellence is an Art Won by Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma 2016: Excellence is an Art Won by Training

As we start towards a new year, preparation and training is the key to success! Waiting to seize the initiative on January 2nd is not what brings success. At, we are firmly committed to start preparing now for the upcoming year. Research shows that time and time again, successful people invest heavily in their […]

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Six Sigma in Pharma

Not a Bitter Pill to Swallow After All

Lean Six Sigma is becoming an integral part of the changing face of hospital pharmaceuticals. With the ever changing environment in healthcare, hospitals are changing the way pharmaceuticals are managed and dispensed. Small satellites locations are disappearing in favor of centralized locations, giving the industry the strength in leveraging clinical pharmacists’ expertise. With that process, […]

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Six Sigma Training - Benefit for Sales and Marketing

Can Your Sales and Marketing Benefit from Six Sigma?

The benefits of Lean and Six Sigma are well established across most business platforms. Six Sigma is a methodology used to improve business processes by utilizing statistical analysis rather than guesswork. This proven approach has been implemented within a myriad of industries to achieve hard and soft money savings, while increasing customer satisfaction. While Six […]

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Value of Lean Six Sigma in Manufacturing

What is the Value of Lean Six Sigma in Manufacturing?

Do we really understand the value of these two methodologies? Two methodologies? Really? Yes, Lean and Six Sigma are two separate methodologies. They are commonly combined in discussion, and the roles are not clearly differentiated. Each methodology has tremendous value alone, but combined, they can be a powerful tool in any business setting. Let’s talk […]

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Lean Six Sigma Healthcare

Is Lean Six Sigma Changing Healthcare?

At one point about 20 years ago, there were no books, conferences or curriculum dedicated to Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare. Now, the tools abound and seem to be flourishing. We are now seeing that the methodology is alive and well in healthcare, which is a significant change from when it was first introduced two […]

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Lean Six Sigma: Strengthen Your Business with Confidence

How long have you been trying to find a way to improve the processes that you use to operate your business? As a CEO, you have been trying to eliminate the non-value added work, which wastes time and productivity. You thought you found a solution and “fixed” a problem or process, just to find you […]

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Six Sigma Certification in Fall River

Fall River Businesses Finding New Glory with Six Sigma Training

Fall River, MA is famous for its dominance of the textile industry in the 19th century. In the late 1800s, the city was an incredibly productive center for printed cloth. It produced more printed cloth than any other city in the United States, and the only city in the world that produced more was Manchester, […]

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Five Reasons to Implement Kaizen in Non-Manufacturing

Kaizen is a proven performance improvement tool. Adopted from modern Japanese manufacturers, like Toyota, Kaizen generates breakthrough improvements quickly, without huge capital investments and/or extensive commitments of employ time. Kaizen is an efficient, effective technique for producing change in manufacturing operations. Kaizen improves performance in non-manufacturing situations as well. Ideal for a wide variety of […]

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Promising Careers in Lean Six Sigma

If you’re looking for a job – any job – in the Six Sigma field, stop and look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a career – a real Six Sigma career – then by all means aim high! When you do find a position that will enable you to apply Lean Six Sigma principles and be part of […]

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Implementing A Kaizen Event in Non-Manufacturing

Variety distinguishes manufacturers from non-manufacturers. Manufacturers dislike too much variety. They want to stamp out products quickly and efficiently because they’re focused on fulfilling customer demand. The more variety they have, the more production slows. The more production slows, the longer it takes for the manufacturer’s products to reach the customer. Non-manufacturers absorb variety. They […]

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Is 5S Implementation At All Possible in Non-manufacturing?

It is no wonder that the service industries sometimes feel disoriented in the world of management-speak regarding business improvement. There is so much jargon floating around – ‘Six Sigma’, ‘5S’, ‘Kaizen’, ‘JIT’, ‘Kanban’ and so on. They do not commonly realize that these concepts are often as applicable to them as to the manufacturing sector. […]

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Kaizen Events: Are They Any Good for the Non-manufacturing Sector?

Kaizen is a Japanese management tradition that roughly translates to ‘becoming better through change’. It’s a management philosophy that believes in continuous vigilance regarding all the aspects of a production system, and making changes based on this observation so that the system always remains at the peak of its productive efficiency. And one most effective […]

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The Lean Office: Eliminate Process Flab

The lean office system cuts down human effort, investment and working hours to alter how work is done, and thus increases output. Organizations which effectively adopt lean office techniques boost their performance hugely and raise the production per hour worked. In modern management jargon the term “lean” was first coined by John Krafcik of MIT, […]

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