The Secret Ingredient of a Six Sigma Manager

What is the secret ingredient of a great Six Sigma manager? Well, let’s start off with the obvious before we get to the nitty gritty. The first ingredient is knowledge of the topic or subject at hand. This means study of the subject in an educational setting where you are introduced to the different components and their usage. The real world application of this knowledge is what comes next, under a controlled setting. This will enable you to know what caused a variation should a mistake be made.

The real world application under a master or expert in SIx SIgma would be under a Master Black Belt. In Six Sigma, this could be arranged with the company that is educating you. It is a service that is arranged where a Master Black Belt works with you and your company to apply, instruct the team, and basically introduce the Six Sigma culture to your company.  

The above is one of many possible scenarios that would make anyone a teacher, leader or Six Sigma manager (should they decide to be Six Sigma certified). The secret ingredient to be great is to never stop the student mindset. Yes, you read this right!

The student mindset does two very important things:

  • It is the growth mindset
  • It will guide on how to teach, lead, and manage others by empathizing 

Ask yourself who your favorite teachers were in grade school. You might remember them as your favorite teacher in a particular subject. The same ingredients that go into a great Six Sigma manager also apply to those that go into a great teacher or leader. 

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