So Which Is It — DMAIC or DMADV?

Many businesses are using this time, with stay-at-home measures in place, to improve their organizations or revamp their business day-to-day processes. This brings us to the Six Sigma DMAIC & DMADV templates. These two templates serve two different but very important functions.

Let’s say that your current process is producing a defect in your product. In order to correct that defect, you need to find out where in the process it is happening. So this is improving on your current process — it’s just a portion that you would need to improve on once you find out where it occurs.

For improvements on an existing process you would use the DMAIC process:

Define: The objectives of the project including the customer’s requirements.

Measure: The current performance of the existing process.

Analyze: To determine root cause(s) of the defects.

Improve: The process by eliminating where the defects occur.

Control: Monitor newly improved processes.

For completely redesigning or inventing a new product or service you want to use the DMADV process:

Define: The objectives and the customer’s requirements of the project.

Measure: Based on the data determine the customer’s needs; be as specific as possible.

Analyze: The process options that best meet the customer’s requirements.

Design: With specific details, the process that would yield the perfect product that meets the customer’s requirements.

Verify: The design performance for its capacity to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

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