The Cold Shoulder

The Cold Shoulder

Back in the good old days, companies that were persistently conservative and resisted change were handsomely rewarded. Stalwarts like General Motors, Procter and Gamble and Sears Roebuck were empires unto themselves; they tapped their resources to ward off change or to avoid it altogether. This strategy used to work. Not anymore. Change – like death […]

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Lean Six Sigma Training: Continuous Building, Continuous Training

Are you getting it right with Lean Six Sigma training? No matter where you are at in your professional development, you can never stop! Success is about continuous improvement through continuous building. Look around you and you will see that people who are achieving high levels of success are continuously and deliberately working on self […]

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The More Things Change

The More Things Change…

“…the more things remain the same.” As they gathered around the salad bar, one employee said, “that must be the umpteenth announcement this month.” One of the senior employees smiled. “Don’t worry. It’s all talk. There’s never any follow-through. Trust me, I’ve been here long enough. Things will NEVER change around here.” We remembered conversations […]

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Customer Experience: You Get What You Give

How many times have you heard that statement? You get what you give. It is like a life mantra we have heard since our childhood. When you think about the customer experience, the old adage could never be more applicable. The problem is that as we grow, those words of wisdom get diluted in the […]

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Multiple Regression

What is Multiple Regression?

Consider a situation where a number of different factors (called predictor or independent variables) interplay to determine an outcome (called the criterion or dependent variable). Depending on what the factors are different outcomes may be achieved. For example, the price at which a house sells (the criterion) may be determined by a number of factors […]

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Non-Traditional Education: How Times Have Changed

Do you remember all the lectures from your parents about education? Yes, those lectures about keeping your grades up in high school, taking college prep courses, then off to a reputable college. The point was, that if you didn’t go to college, then you would never be able to get a good job. For many, […]

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ISO 9000

Process Change? Think ISO 9000!

In their haste to implement changes, a few companies fail to consider ISO 9000. They think that it is a technical standard to be reckoned with and that only certain industries must comply. But for the experienced, the Switzerland-based International Standards Organization (ISO) must occupy a prominent place in company policy and strategy, especially when […]

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Gantt Chart: Charting a Path to Success

Understanding the value of Lean Six Sigma tools is crucial to a practitioner. With a busy practice, keeping up with and accurately tracking the exact location and status of projects is crucial. The Gantt Chart is traditionally display as a bar chart. It shows the tasks of a project, when each must take place and how […]

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Poka Yoke

Efficient Use of Poka Yoke

Background With billions invested in manufacturing across the world and a lot of talk about Quality Assurance, there is immense focus on what goes on at the production floor space. ‘Statistical Quality Control (SQC)’, ‘total Quality Management’, ‘Zero Defects’ and techniques for Inspection focus on similar issues: How to reduce the number of errors? How […]

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Leadership Failure: Are You Stumbling?

Understanding the Trap Leadership failure can happen more often than you think. According to a recent survey, over 40% of new Chief Executive Officers (CEO) fail within their first 18 months. That is a very powerful statement! Newly hired CEO’s enter the arena with confidence and attitude that is success focused. They wouldn’t have gotten […]

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Kano Analysis

Understanding Kano Analysis

Introduction Products have to be consumer centric. The manufacturers of any product must have a clear idea of what purpose their product is promising to serve. In other words, a clear-cut definition of the functionality of the product is very important. A pudding is good only if the person who is eating approves it (in […]

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Leadership: Developing the Essentials

Are You Preparing? Leadership is often misunderstood. Often times, people define leaders as those appointed to positions of authority above them. It is expected that if you hold a position of authority, then you are a leader. Those same people then follow those in positions above them, with sometimes reluctant obedience. They see that their […]

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Risk Assessment

FMEA: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis – Risk Assessment

Need for Failure Assessment Traditionally, a lot of emphasis was placed on designing a product. Those who planned ahead of time were given a pat on the back. Then, most of the effort was positioned towards manufacturing the product. Lastly, the product was checked for any defects or areas where quality was compromised. This cycle […]

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Hiring a Police Officer: Six Sigma Brings a New Approach

Hiring a Police Officer Hiring a police officer can be a lengthy and costly process. Unlike many traditional professional hiring situations, the process for hiring a police officer is lengthy and detailed. A hiring agency must go through a multitude of steps with excruciating detail to ensure they have a candidate that is suitable for […]

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Barriers to Radical Change

Barriers to Radical Change – Six Sigma is Here to Help You

When considering the many barriers to change efforts, a leader can become overwhelmed and easily frustrated. However, most of these barriers can be categorized into three areas, making them seem, perhaps, more manageable. These three categories include cognition, motivation, and obligations. Cognition deals with the way people think. It is understandable that many people hold […]

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Celebrating and Honoring the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July holiday is filled with parades, barbecues, fireworks, and outdoor living at its best!  Families, friends, and neighbors gather to enjoy grilling great food, fellowship, and lighting of colorful fireworks. However you celebrate the holiday, we must remember what we are are celebrating. The Birth of a Nation The holiday was officially […]

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Product Branding

Product Branding: With a Little Help from Six Sigma

There is no dearth of advice and wisdom from marketers when it comes to product branding. Open the business section of your newspaper or surf to a marketing site and you’re bound to come across articles on the subject. We’re not sure though if anyone has discussed product branding within the framework of Six Sigma. […]

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Career Change Management Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma Training: The Evolution of Change

Embracing Change Six Sigma training can be an evolution of success. For most seeking change in their professional development, Six Sigma training can be an attractive opportunity for change and future success. Sometimes though, the conception of change can be a terrifying prospect. Recent studies tell us that the average person will be making a […]

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Six Sigma Solution

Six Sigma as a Solution

Years ago, a tennis coach told us that the follow-through was just as important as hitting the ball from the racket’s “sweet spot.” He described the follow-through as the swinging of the racket so that the racket ends upward, way above your shoulders. It was much better than hitting the ball and letting your elbows […]

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Lean and Six Sigma: Finding the Perfect Balance

Finding the Balance Lean and Six Sigma concepts are well understood in many business situations. Each concept  has found its place and proven their value. Lean does its part, focusing on improving the process and eliminating waste. Six Sigma performs its role by eliminating variable in the process. Organizations implement each strategy differently, based on […]

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