Our Picks for the Top 5 Six Sigma Blog Posts of 2020

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This year has been a very eventful year, and has taught us some difficult and valuable  lessons. So we picked the top five blogs we felt were best to reflect or ponder on how we can make sense of them. We lost Jack Welch who gave us Six Sigma — his belief is his secret ingredient. We also lost Kobe Bryant, the basketball legend who was taken too soon in a horrific helicopter accident, and what learned…and of course COVID-19, the pandemic that put a lot of people out of business while helping others grow their business. We also included two important blogs with information you will always need in anything you do. You need to know the root cause of an issue, and you will always need the basic core of the Six Sigma philosophy.

Important Six Sigma Information That You’ll Always Need

Why Root Cause Analysis Is So Important

The Kobe Bryant Tragedy: What The Data Tells Us

Paying Tribute To Six Sigma Advocate Jack Welch

Six Sigma Is the Silver Lining To Your Business During COVID-19

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