Six Sigma’s Root Cause Analysis Is a Must for Business

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is one fundamental Six Sigma methodology that will change your life. It will give you subtle confidence when issues occur, helping you get to the root of the problem. The best part of the methodology are the tools; they can be used to get to the root of any problem in a logical and structured way, using actual data and facts.

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Root Cause Analysis Course Topics

    • What Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) is, why we need it and when to use it
    • Problem-Solving Process Flowchart (8D Roadmap)
    • Problems vs. Opportunities
    • Preventative Practices
    • Problem Detection & Specification
    • Problem Anatomy 
    • Causes to Determine
    • Cause Structures
    • Situation Appraisal
    • Known vs. Unknown Cause
    • Using Facts, Evidence & Assumptions
    • Interim Actions
    • Using a Team Approach
    • Risk Analysis Tools
    • Importance of Language
    • Cause-Effect Mapping Methods
    • Potential Cause Filters and Generators
    • Human Error
    • Choosing the Best Solution Profile
    • Solution Validation

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Learning Objectives

  • Exercises & Case Studies
  • Know what to do when problems occur.
  • Define, validate and decide if the problem should be solved.
  • Use a team approach and understand team dynamics.
  • Take appropriate interim actions.
  • Choose the most appropriate RCA methods for the situation.
  • Determine and implement the best sustainable solution.

Finding the root cause of a problem will eliminate the problem once and for all — it’s that simple. Separate facts from assumptions and only deal with the facts. Most of the time we make the issues worse because we are dealing with assumptions. This 3-day Root Cause Analysis course helps to only deal with the facts and simplifies what seems otherwise impossible to solve.

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