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Infographic: DMAIC vs. DMADV – What Are The Differences?

Knowing the capability and reach of Lean Six Sigma professional tools is crucial to your success. This infographic outlines one of the most common questions among Lean Six Sigma professionals: what are the differences between DMAIC and DMADV? Understanding these dif-ferences is means getting the most effective results from a project. Both tools have a […]

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Six Sigma Training: Looking Ahead to 2017

Six Sigma Training is going to be epic for 2017 at 6sigma.us. We are excited and fully prepared to offer you more training options, at more locations worldwide, to meet your busy schedule. We have thoughtfully planned and prioritized our training opportunities to ensure you get the highest quality training opportunities for Lean and Six […]

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Lean Six Sigma Training: Continuous Building, Continuous Training

Are you getting it right with Lean Six Sigma training? No matter where you are at in your professional development, you can never stop! Success is about continuous improvement through continuous building. Look around you and you will see that people who are achieving high levels of success are continuously and deliberately working on self-development […]

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Non-Traditional Education: How Times Have Changed

Do you remember all the lectures from your parents about education? Yes, those lectures about keeping your grades up in high school, taking college prep courses, then off to a reputable college. The point was, that if you didn’t go to college, then you would never be able to get a good job. For many, […]

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Leadership: Developing the Essentials

Are You Preparing? Leadership is often misunderstood. Often times, people define leaders as those appointed to positions of authority above them. It is expected that if you hold a position of authority, then you are a leader. Those same people then follow those in positions above them, with sometimes reluctant obedience. They see that their […]

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Career Change Management Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma Training: The Evolution of Change

Embracing Change Six Sigma training can be an evolution of success. For most seeking change in their professional development, Six Sigma training can be an attractive opportunity for change and future success. Sometimes though, the conception of change can be a terrifying prospect. Recent studies tell us that the average person will be making a […]

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Benchmarking – The acceptable face of cheating

Benchmarking – The acceptable face of cheating What is the ultimate route to business success? There are those who assert that hard work and dedication are the answer to this question.  Business gurus though, might, deride such a simplistic view. It is almost unheard of, for a newly launched product to be immediately profitable. Instead, […]

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Specialized Training: Making the Time for Value

Overcoming the Obstacles Specialized training presents a prime opportunity to expand your knowledge base and critical skills. The obstacles most professionals face is the expense of the training and finding the time in a fast paced environment to attend the courses. In today’s work environment, between finding the time to manage meetings, burgeoning email streams […]

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Master Black Belt: Are You Ready For The Challenge?

Ready for a Challenge? Taking on more responsibility and moving your career forward is crucial! Not only should you be focused on how to improve your skills in your current role, you must be laser focused on improving your skills for the next level of responsibility. There is no better way to demonstrate your ability […]

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Six Sigma - Sharpening Your Skills

Training: Are You Sharpening Your Skills?

Sharpening Your Skills Training is one of the most crucial habits you must practice on a daily basis to become a valued professional. If you look at the most successful business leaders, you will find that they place a high value on personal and professional development. They set aside time daily to practice their craft, […]

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Technical Competency: It’s a Game of Inches

Do You Have the Competitive Edge? Technical competency and proficiency are crucial to professionals competing in today’s workplace. Having the skills necessary to do the job is just not good enough anymore. Today’s work environment is becoming more and more competitive. Professionals who are seeking advancement are doing whatever it takes to put themselves ahead […]

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Professional Development: How Are Your Investments Doing?

Are You Investing in Your Future? No matter what you read or hear about highly successful people, there are common habits they practice which can be directly attributed to their success. They have a determined, focused drive to be the best and their habits are religiously practiced. One of the most valuable habits highly successful […]

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Is Six Sigma good fit for small business?

Six Sigma for Small Business: Is It a Good Fit?

Sizing Up Six Sigma Studies show that 2/3 of European employees and roughly 1/2 of American employees work for small and medium businesses. Small and medium businesses create 65% of all new jobs in the US. These facts fuel the debate on whether Six Sigma is a good fit for small business. Typically Six Sigma […]

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Six Sigma Pittsburgh: A Flexible and Focused Training Event

With Six Sigma methodology starting to play an integral role in organizations, training for a Six Sigma professional has never been more crucial. Improving your skills is not only about mastering knowledge related to your specific field, but it’s also about improving interpersonal relationships and communication. Quality training is crucial to the growth and development of any […]

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Six Sigma Training: Are You Shaping Your Future?

Are you shaping your future in Six Sigma? It is estimated that highly successful people invest $8k – $10k a year on their personal and professional development. Fact is, the modern business environment is highly fluid and technically demanding, without taking into consideration skills crucial to your specific industry. Just keeping up with the basic […]

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Six Sigma RCA Training

Six Sigma Gets To The Root Of The Problem With RCA

Organizations and leaders are great problem solvers. We see a problem and we fix it! Well, sometimes we do, but most of the time, we address the surface issues, stick a band-aid on it and pronounce it resolved. Within a short amount of time, the original problem resurfaces, causing a great deal of grief, just […]

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US Army and Six Sigma

Army Warriors Wearing the Six Sigma Black Belt

The modern Army is known for being the most highly efficient, war-fighting machine in the 21st century. From the quality of soldiers to the advanced technology utilized in equipment, to the most effective tactical advantages, today’s Army warriors are the king of the battlefield. With all of those advantages, the Army has been well known […]

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Six Sigma Tools: How Is The Fishing?

There is nothing so steeped in the American culture as fishing. Images of boys and their cane poles. Dads and sons spending a lazy afternoon by the river, talking about fish, nature and life. It’s a right of passage for most. For some it’s a relaxing hobby. Others, it is a focused and detailed sport, […]

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Mark Graban - Experience Change

Lean Healthcare: Spend Some Time with an Expert

Across the broad practice of Lean, Six Sigma and Quality, there are many experts. All have various levels of knowledge and experience that create a certain value in their practice. Some of the leading experts have truly exemplified themselves in the practice. Years of education, hard work and diligent devotion to mastery of their craft […]

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Six Sigma Training - Anaheim

Upcoming Six Sigma Training: Anaheim/Los Angeles

2016 is here and training is in full swing at 6Sigma.us. We spent the last part of 2015 planning dynamic training agendas, with a global reach! With that in mind, we would like to invite you to join us in sunny Southern California for a comprehensive Six Sigma training event. During this event, we will […]

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