Six Sigma Can Drive Your Small Business Forward

While Six Sigma methodologies are most often associated with major corporations, there are many benefits and takeaways for the small business. Whether it’s a restaurant or a retail store, what small business couldn’t benefit from a reduction in labor hours, or an improvement in inventory management?

The main goal of implementing Six Sigma doctrines within any company is to improve and streamline business processes. Because of the financial resources involved in training and implementing Six Sigma processes into a business, the philosophy has been often left to the larger pocketbooks of Fortune 500 companies, who can afford the time and investment in hiring in-house Six Sigma professionals.

Allocating resources is already a challenge for the small business owner, as they are working with smaller labor forces, and the expense of hiring a full-time Six Sigma professional may be significantly more than what the labor budget allows. But this shouldn’t stop the small business owner! There are Six Sigma consultants available that can consult on many aspects of the methodology, and can provide enough direction to get the ball rolling.

Often, implementing Six Sigma processes at the small business level can be easier than at larger companies. Because individuals are forced to work closer together at smaller companies, there is more teamwork and more trust developed, and employees are more apt to be open to new policies and procedures.

In addition, with small business employees often wearing many hats, they can better understand the intricacies of a company. Their flexibility and ability to adapt to change quickly can help push Six Sigma methodologies forward, and therefore change and optimize the company’s business practices to improved levels.

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