Why You Should Get Yellow Belt Training

The Yellow Belt Six Sigma certification is less popular than the Black or Green Belts. However, it offers valuable knowledge for aspiring Six Sigma specialists. It gives learners a good grasp of Six Sigma strategies and enables them to participate in large-scale projects adopting these strategies.

This article will explain the Yellow Belt certification and why you should get it.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a set of management techniques designed to reduce product effects and boost productivity. American engineer Bill Smith developed this concept in the 1980s. Smith worked at Motorola, then the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, and developed this concept to help his company reduce product defects to a negligible rate.

Though originally developed for manufacturing companies, the Six Sigma concept has since spread to many other industries, such as technology, banking, financial services, consulting, etc. Six Sigma strategies are valuable in boosting organizational productivity, and companies are willing to pay top dollar to recruit Six Sigma experts.

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What is the Six Sigma Yellow Belt?

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Six Sigma uses a belt ranking system wherein you must complete one belt before earning the next. There are five belts in ascending order:

The White Belt is the first stage. Professionals start from this level if they don’t have any previous Six Sigma certification or training. It requires just a few hours of coursework covering the basics of Six Sigma techniques.

The Yellow Belt is where learners learn more about Six Sigma concepts. It goes beyond the basics taught at the White level and dives into the theoretical aspects of Six Sigma.

The Green and Black belts are full-fledged educational programs that require lengthy coursework. These levels focus on applying the techniques learned at the previous stages to boost organizational productivity.

The Master Black Belt is the highest level and requires extensive studying and practice. Master Black Belters are experts qualified to lead large-scale projects and mentor underlings on applying Six Sigma techniques to improve business processes.

Why should I get Yellow Belt Training?

You gain the following benefits by getting Yellow Belt training:

Valuable knowledge

A Yellow Belt certification exposes you to the inner workings of Six Sigma techniques. You’ll learn why these techniques were created and how to apply them to solve business problems. You’ll become a subject matter expert in Six Sigma techniques, although not on the level of Green and Black Belts. This knowledge helps you boost your skills and value in the workplace.

Resumé building

A Yellow Belt certification looks good on your resumé and improves the chances of landing jobs you apply for. It shows employers that you’ve taken the time and effort to learn about reducing costs and limiting waste during business processes. Listing “Yellow Belt” on your resumé or LinkedIn profile makes recruiters more likely to respond to your applications.

Six Sigma certification also improves your chances of promotion at your organization. It helps you stand out and move to better positions.

Higher salary

Companies are willing to pay top dollar for Six Sigma expertise, and you can benefit by giving them what they need. A Yellow Belt certification makes you more valuable to employers and able to demand higher salaries. If you proceed to the Black or Master Black belts, you can command even higher pay either at your existing employer or by joining another firm.

A Yellow Belt certification doesn’t guarantee higher pay, but it significantly improves your chances of getting it.


The Yellow Belt certification offers many benefits, which we’ve explained. Here at 6Sigma, we offer professional Six Sigma courses, giving participants ample knowledge that helps them progress in the workplace. Contact us today to see what we can offer you.

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