5 Questions to Ask Your Practitioner

If you’re considering enrolling in a Six Sigma training program, it’s important to have the full picture in mind. Whether you’re new to the methodology or just looking to gain a new Belt, there are certain things you must ask your practitioner before signing on the dotted line. In our previous articles, we discuss the signs of both legitimate and fake Six Sigma practitioners. Now that you know how to distinguish the good from the bad, it’s time to get more information. Here is a list of five questions you should always ask your practitioner before starting your course.

What to Ask Your Practitioner:

Is This a Training, Certification, or Certificate Course?

This may seem like a basic question, but it’s one more people than not forget to ask. When signing up for a Six Sigma course, it’s important to know whether it’s a training, certification, or certificate course. Most noticeable, each course offers something different. If you’re wanting to simply gain your certificate via examination, then a certificate course is right for you. However, if you want a more classroom-like setting or need more hands-on experience, a training or certification course will suit you better.

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How Long Is the Course?

Again, a noteworthy question that can help you better decide which course to take. Sometimes, the time you can commit to a course is limited. Additionally, if you have a full-time desk job, day time courses will not suit you. Many practitioners offer a variety of options for taking their courses. For example, we offer Six Sigma certification online learning options that allow you to take one of our courses at your own pace on your own time. Likewise, other practitioners may offer multiple classes throughout the day, opening up more options for your schedule.

How Many Students Will Enroll?

Learning a new topic can be challenging in itself. Let alone with a classroom full of students who might distract you from the material at hand. If you have difficulty concentrating or think you might need more one-on-one attention, it’s important to ask how many students you can expect there to be in the course. Depending on the practitioner, they may offer smaller courses for groups from the same company or organization. Likewise, some practitioners may even offer direct one-on-one help during your course.

What Materials Will We Cover?

Similar to the first question, it’s important to know exactly what your course will offer. Every practitioner should have a sample syllabus for you to review. Make sure to request this before signing up for the course to ensure it will cover all the topics you want and need it to.

How Much Does It Cost?

Last but not least, you should always ask for the total price of the course. This should include either an exact amount or precise estimation that includes course material, such as required reading and software. Additionally, be sure to always compare the cost of your course to similar ones you find. Sometimes, if a price is too good to be true, it’s because it is.

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