How Can Six Sigma Improve Your Social Media Marketing?

Six Sigma emphasizes creating processes that bring maximum value to customers while simultaneously keeping waste to a minimum. To put it simply, you should be able to produce high-quality products and services for your customers. But at the same time, the resources being poured into the possible need to be minimal.

Once you understand the idea behind Six Sigma, one thing becomes apparent: it can be applied to almost anything. In this post, you’ll learn how to use the methodology in your social media campaigns and get good results.

Connecting Better with Your Audience and Attract Prospects

Six Sigma is a data-driven approach, meaning every decision you make needs statistical backing. From analyzing the data of your social media campaign using the methodology’s statistical analysis tools, you can find out what social media content best resonates with your target audience. 

For example, you can look at Facebook posts with the most engagements (e.g., likes, comments, shares and views). Then you can analyze them to see if they have anything in common (patterns between them). If so, apply the commonalities in the posts, whether formatting, type of topics, images or something else, across the board to increase engagement.

Every social media marketer knows the power of engagement: it boosts brand awareness. When your post generates a lot of attention, it means that it is reaching a bigger audience. More and more people are being exposed to your brand since social media platforms usually make posts with a high engagement rate more visible.

These are people who would have never discovered you otherwise. With more people reacting to your social media posts and page, your brand’s awareness expands, attracting new prospects.

Test Out Social Media Marketing Ideas While Minimizing Costs

Want to try out a social media marketing idea but not sure if it will work? Six Sigma can help. This type of digital marketing is not only affordable but, as previously hinted, is also measurable (after all, you need to collect data to analyze it). Furthermore, social media campaigns are easily tweakable.

By looking at the critical social media performance metrics and KPIs, you can discover what aspects of your social media strategy work and which ones don’t. This data can even be collected in real-time since social media platforms and third parties have dashboards and tools that feed it to you as it is happening. So if something is not working, you can find out it is a matter of hours and tweak or remove it before wasting any more resources.

Testing your ideas will ensure that any change you make to your campaign provides the customer with value. And, best of all, it is bringing your organization a return on investment.


Social media provides your organization with an easy and affordable (sometimes free) way to market yourselves. In this digital age, it should be part of any marketing strategy. With Six Sigma on your side, you can ensure that all the resources you pour into social media marketing bring you a return on investment. When done the right way, it can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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