Six Sigma and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Just What is The Internet of Things (IoT)?

Gadgets, electronics and devices: we all have them and they fill our world. As the technology improves, so do they! Part of the improvements with these devices is that they are connected to the Internet. Cars, kitchen appliances, personal devices are just some examples of devices that are wirelessly connected. Having that connection to the Internet provides a unique experience to the consumer and adds players of value to the product. That connectivity also, however, gathers personal data for the use of the manufacturer or retailer of the product. The data gathered provides a wide range of information from basic user data to habits of the consumer. The concept of this connectivity is call the Internet of Things (IoT). The amount of raw data (big data) being gathered is enormous and has to be properly stored, cleansed and managed to reveal predictive information for the manufacturer or retailer.

How Can Six Sigma Take Advantage of IoT?

Six Sigma is the perfect platform to take advantage of this explosion of data. The first consideration is that the large amounts of data are cleansed and managed through data analytics processes. Once the raw data is in a proper format, significant amounts of actionable business intelligence can be gleaned from the data stored. This is where Six Sigma becomes invaluable. By using the processes and tools of a robust Six Sigma program, the proceeded data can be used by a manufacturer or retailer to understand the user’s most detailed habits and preferences. The results of these analytics efforts can accurately show specific preferences of the user and habits that can predict future applications of the product. Six Sigma practices can then refine and deliver a higher level of customer satisfaction with the product or service. Manufacturers and retailers now have the most unique access to customer performance data through the IoT and predictive analytics.

The Power of Six Sigma and Internet of Things

Manufacturers and retailers that gather data through the IoT cannot ignore the advantages of a robust Six Sigma program. The proper implementation and application of Six Sigma practices can turn data analytics into action information to refine, retool and improve products and customer experience. Having the right partner to assist manufacturers and retailers in the implementation of a viable Six Sigma practice is crucial. 6Sigma.us is the right partner with the right expertise for your business. Go to www.6Sigma.us and find out more.

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