Featured Training: Master Black Belt Certification In Florida

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We are very proud of our recent graduating class of Master Black Belt (MBB) professionals in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Fourteen (14) Six Sigma professionals gathered for an extensive and comprehensive training program, which led to the award of a Master Black Belt Certification. is the preferred source of professional training for organizations such as American Airlines, The Joint Commission, The University of Oklahoma, American Express and Blue Cross of California.

Making A Master Black Belt

What does it take to make a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma? Our featured training program is a two week training and certification program developed by to provide an advanced and focused approach to Six Sigma projects and statistical methods. The program goes beyond traditional Black Belt skills and incorporates new tools. The following elements of training are incorporated into the certification:

• Variation
• Non-parametric analysis
• Destructive testing
• Multi-vari experiments
• Practical experimentation
• Handling attribute responses (above and beyond Freeman-Tukey)
• Optimization experiments
• Advanced regression methods
• Handling multi-response experiments
• Distributional analysis
• Advanced SPC methods

“I personally enjoy the wide variety of expertise and experience the students bring into the class. They come to program highly skilled. This significantly enhances the learning environment and makes our job really easy! We are thrilled our students are able to learn and quickly demonstrate their qualifications as an MBB.”

Peter Peterka, CEO & Founder,

Our Featured Training Highlight

We are very proud these Six Sigma professionals chose and this platform to attain a MBB certification. These professionals represent various industries, including airlines, healthcare, chemical and the petroleum industries. is proud of the students that attend the certification courses, who represent some of the biggest and best of organizations from around the globe. These organizations depend on for their training and certification needs. Over 60% of the students attending certifications courses are repeat clients. For more information about our Master Black Belt training, click here.