Salary Expectations for a Six Sigma Master Black Belt Holder

Six Sigma certification is a good thing if you’re interested in improving processes at your organization and earning a lucrative paycheck for your skills. Companies realize the effort and knowledge required to earn Six Sigma certification up to the Black Belt level and are willing to pay top dollar for qualified professionals.

Compensation for Black Belt holders can vary depending on industry and experience. However, this article will give you a good hint of what to expect.

Master Black Belt

Current market situation

The average salary for an entry-level Six Sigma Black Belt professional hovers at $90,000. With five years of experience, Black Belt holders can increase their pay to sub $130,000, and with ten years of experience, they can earn up to $200,000 and counting.

The above figures represent the average across all industries and companies. You might earn less in a smaller company in a less profitable industry. You can also earn more at a big company in highly profitable sectors like technology and investment banking. All things considered, aim for a salary of $90,000 and above as a Six Sigma Black Belt holder.

Bolster your complementary skills

Six Sigma certification isn’t the only thing that boosts your compensation. You need additional skills that can enable you to contribute more value to your organization and get recognized for it.

For example, someone who understands both Six Sigma and Lean Management techniques will likely command a higher salary. Someone who masters both techniques and is a stellar communicator becomes more valuable to their employer. Seek industry certifications and attend workshops to broaden your knowledge and increase your brand value. This way, you can maximize your expected salary.

Future predictions

The current situation for Six Sigma Black Belt holders is good, but will it remain so in the foreseeable future? All signs point to “yes” right now. More companies are adopting Six Sigma techniques than ever, and experts are urgently needed to guide them in the implementation.

The business world is becoming increasingly competitive, and companies seek every avenue to gain a competitive edge, including Six Sigma. Earning a Black Belt or Master Black Belt positions you to help companies optimize processes for greater productivity and mentor others in doing so. With these skills, you’ll likely command high compensation in the long term.

How do I get Six Sigma Black Belt certification?

At 6Sigma, we offer formal Six Sigma certification courses from the White to the Master Black belt. You can sign up for our courses and gain relevant knowledge and experience in optimizing business processes for improved productivity.

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