Customer Experience: You Get What You Give

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How many times have you heard that statement? You get what you give. It is like a life mantra we have heard since our childhood. When you think about the customer experience, the old adage could never be more applicable. The problem is that as we grow, those words of wisdom get diluted in the wave of customer experience mantras. When trying to resolve a customer experience issue, leaders tend to start applying a thick layer of rules and policies, with an even thicker layer of scripting practices. Without a doubt, these steps are done with the very best of intentions. So why then isn’t the customer experience more effective?

Living the Customer Experience

If you want to get down to the core of the problem facing you with the customer experience, you have to remember the mantra, ‘You Get What You Give.’ Laying on those thick layers of policies and scripting will completely stifle the very people you must depend on to deliver an amazing customer experience. Those who deliver your customer experience must have great guidance and education, with a heavy dose of latitude and freedom when dealing with customers. They must feel completely free to be flexible and responsive when providing an amazing customer experience. Customers absolutely detest being giving a stiff, scripted speech or even worse, dealing with a bot! Not sure if that is true? Think about the last time you received a scripted, cold response when you were on the other side of the customer experience. You get what you give!

Just Be Amazing

Just remember to be amazing and allow your employees the latitude to be amazing! Provide them with solid and clear guidance on what you want for the customer experience. Make sure they are confident with their training, then send them off with a strong assurance that the goal is to create an amazing experience. You are in the people business, not the robot business, so stop trying to deliver a customer experience that is pure robotics. An effective customer experience can easily be created from a thorough and effective Voice of the Customer (VOC) program. An effective VOC program identifies exactly what the customer expects from you. Then, you can go out and just be amazing!

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