Six Sigma in Your Day Means More Time to Play

Six Sigma in Your Day Means More Time to Play

We live our daily lives with absolutely no regard to waste, unless we are forced to because of extenuating circumstances. We waste time, resources, and just about anything you can think of. Consequently, we never have enough hours in the day to finish what we set out to do.

We often run errands out of order. We might go to the supermarket first, leaving our perishables in the hot car while we do other things, all because we did not chart our course first. That action is putting our health at risk, especially if the chicken we bought spoils in the hot car.

This happens because we don’t define our goals or objectives to chart our course. In more aspirational terms, we must live with intention to know what path is the best path to take.

When we think of Six Sigma, we think of our job or business. But why not use Six Sigma our daily lives? Yes, we take our job or business very seriously because it is our livelihood, but our daily lives are just as important. We make memories with our families, and this becomes our legacy. Our stress level directly affects our health; if we reduce our stress level and have more time to do what we love, our health improves.

The added benefit to applying Six Sigma in our daily lives is a sense of accomplishment, which is brought on by finishing what we started to do in record time.

Think of watching a movie. Everything that happens has a reason, and each situation is there to move the story forward. Otherwise it winds up on the cutting room floor. If the movie is all over the place, we will walk out of the theater. Yet we often run our lives in this haphazard manner.

If we all took the first step on the DMAIC, which is to define our goals so that we can chart our course, and add intention, our everyday lives would improve dramatically. Adding Six Sigma to your day means you’ll have more time to play.

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