Great Teachers Created by Six Sigma

Everybody assumes if a person knows how to do something, that they can also teach it. This is true if we are dealing with a manual activity, such as cleaning a dog kennel or mowing a lawn. But for tasks that are more intricate, such as learning algebra or training a person to teach others, this isn’t always the case.

This is when it is evident that not all teachers are created equal. There is a special skill to training others. These are “people training” skills, and it is completely separate from teaching the skill itself.

A truly effective teacher or trainer is able to reach, engage, and train the human being at the same time they are teaching the student. Having people training skills in teaching is what makes a teacher great.

Your Favorite Teachers

We have all had them in school, those teachers who we just understood the subject and could explain it without a problem. They were magical, and we loved to learn from them. It was almost as though they knew what we were going to ask, and answered our questions before we even asked them. The main reason for this is that they never forgot what it was like to be a student.

Six Sigma Methodology for Training People

The Six Sigma methodology would work great for having a grasp on training others to train. It organizes an excellent process that leaves no stone unturned. DMAIC would be especially helpful for organizing the “people training skills” part, since this is the missing part in most training plans.

An effective trainer/teacher will incorporate interactive experiences so that the student understands the learning process. This adds value to any company, producing a much-needed crop of trainers who actually understand the art of teaching others.

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