Why You Should Become a Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Six Sigma is a methodology that is continuously being adopted the world over. A Master Black Belt (MMB) is the highest and most sought after certification in both the Six Sigma and business worlds. If you’re wondering if becoming an MBB is the right move for you, we will discuss a few reasons why it might be. But before that, lets us look at what a Master Black Belt is in Six Sigma.

What is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt?

An MBB is a person who has shown complete mastery of Six Sigma concepts, principles and techniques. He or she implements all Six Sigma projects in an organization, with an emphasis on overseeing and guiding Black Belts.

4 Benefits of Becoming a Six Sigma Master Black Belt

So why would you want to go all the way to a Master Black Belt when getting a Six Sigma certification? Here are four reasons why it is the right move:

  1. Greater Career Opportunities

With the increase of Six Sigma organizations, it is not uncommon to see job listings that either require or prefer a Black Belt or higher. That means, being an MBB will make you stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, it can be a bargaining chip when asking for a promotion at your current organization.

With a promotion, you have the chance to get a better salary. The median salary of a Six Sigma Master Black Belt in the United States is $155,700. So not only does an MBB make you more hireable, but it also makes you eligible for higher pay.

  1. Complete Knowledge of Six Sigma Tools and Techniques

With a Master Black Belt certification, you can take your Six Sigma knowledge and skills to their highest level. For example, while doing your Black Belt certification, you might have gotten a comprehensive understanding of the DMAIC approach. As a Master Black Belt, your understanding of DMAIC is so complete that you can be the leader in organization-wide projects.

  1. Improved Leadership Skills

Becoming an MBB further improves your leadership skills. You will constantly be dealing with multiple Black or Green Belts at once, and this certification prepares you to be their educator and mentor. You can’t even become a Master Black Belt without showing complete competence in taking on such large responsibility within an organization.

  1. Ability to Solve Greater Challenges

As a Black Belt, your problem-solving skills are taken to the next level, allowing you to solve more challenging problems. These provide greater satisfaction once solved. As a Black Belt, you can consult Master Black Belts when you run into problems. But as an MBB, you have all the knowledge and tools to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

These are just some of the benefits that becoming a Master Black Belt comes with. These include greater career opportunities, complete knowledge of the tools and techniques, improved leadership skills and the ability to solve tougher challenges. Becoming an MBB is worth it on so many levels.

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