Learning Lean Six Sigma

A system of practices, which are developed to improve processes systematically by eliminating defects, is Lean Six Sigma. Application of Lean Six Sigma principles along with Six Sigma problem solving techniques provides speed and cut costs of the process. Lean Six Sigma can be defined as the elimination of waste in an organization in order to deliver highest quality, customer focused products and efficient, effective and responsive services. The application of lean principles and techniques is important to streamlining the operation and also to accelerate the Return-on-investment. Six Sigma is a problem solving methodology which used to acquire a quick rate of improvement in customer satisfaction, cost and quality.

When Lean and Six Sigma are used together Lean increases the process flow and eliminates wasteful activities while Six Sigma identifies the variation, which can obstruct the delivery of high quality services. Both Lean and Six Sigma principles and techniques can be used in manufacturing and non-manufacturing environments. The combined powers of Lean and Six Sigma are adopted by the service sectors such as banking, financial services, airlines, government and health care as they realize the need to deliver both speed (Lean) and quality (Six Sigma).

The uses of a successful lean transformation is that it will reduce the inventory levels, operating costs and defects; reduce the production cycle time and total lead times; improve the capacity, product quality and on time delivery; increase flexibility and productivity.

Learning Lean Six Sigma is specially designed as awareness training for the associates of all levels of an organization, which is preparing to execute Lean Six Sigma. The participants of the program will understand the need and benefits of process improvement. Through this training the participants will have a common understanding of key terms and concepts. Learning Six Sigma will make the participants enthusiastic about Lean and Six Sigma improvement activities.

The Learning Six Sigma is aimed at executives or senior managers who has to understand the Six sigma process and also has to identify the impact of Lean Methodologies and to asses their own organizational readiness, to recognize the potential benefits, prepare business case and plan an effective deployment strategy. There different types of certification in Learning Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are certified training which can be attended by business professional or companies who desired to have a strong foundation in Lean Six Sigma but do not need the advance statistics. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belts training and certification will a financial benefit for their in class projects. The training is of 9 days and it makes the employees to focus fully on executing right activities at the right time to influence positively the bottom line of the company and the satisfaction of the company. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belts participants receive practical application of the statistical and non-statistical concepts found through case studies, hands on exercises, assignments and follow-up.

Learning of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt needs 2-3 months to complete this program. The nine sessions of the online course should be completed before attending the in-class session and some participants need more time, some may need less depending on the familiarity with the quality programs. The black belt training uses the time tested processes and makes the company to eliminate the cost waste. Upon the completion of this program the participants can able to lead teams in applying the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology to eliminate waste, can give priority to improvement activities for the greatest organizational impact, can define improvement projects to customer satisfaction, measuring inputs and outputs to give meaningful data, analyze data to identify the cause of variability, improve the process and to control the process to prevent backsliding and strengthen the gains.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt provides training to the participants to acquire necessary leadership and to change management skills which help in leading, coaching and guiding enterprise-level projects successfully and accurately.

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