Six Sigma Gets To The Root Of The Problem With RCA

Organizations and leaders are great problem solvers. We see a problem and we fix it! Well, sometimes we do, but most of the time, we address the surface issues, stick a band-aid on it and pronounce it resolved. Within a short amount of time, the original problem resurfaces, causing a great deal of grief, just like before. Leaders then become frustrated, laying blame for the failure to resolve the problem and applying another quick fix to the surface of the problem. Much like the old game “whack-a-mole,” leaders keep pounding on the same problem; over time, it continues to surface without getting to the root cause of the issue. This approach causes dysfunction in organizations, erosion of trust in leadership, loss of customer loyalty, and most importantly, erodes the bottom line of the organization’s financial standing. Taking an analytical and deep dive using an RCA (Root Cause Analysis) tool with Six Sigma methodology can quickly resolve the never-ending game of “whack-a-mole” within an organization.

The RCA tool is a method of problem-solving used for identifying the root causes of faults or problems. A factor is considered a root cause if removal thereof from the problem-fault-sequence prevents the final undesirable event from recurring; whereas a causal factor is one that affects an event’s outcome, but is not a root cause. Though removing a causal factor can benefit an outcome, it does not prevent its recurrence within certainty.

6Sigma.us is the premier provider for RCA training, along with Six Sigma training and certification. Our RCA class is a detailed and thorough process that teaches a Six Sigma professional how to get to the root of a problem, explore the defects and deficiencies within exacting clarity. Those who should consider attending are Six Sigma practitioners, along with operations staff in manufacturing and service organizations, managers, process owners and engineers.

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