The Best Tools Every Small Business Should be Using

Running a small business is challenging, with owners juggling different roles simultaneously. Consider a business owner handling accounting, inventory management, marketing, and customer support simultaneously – it’s stressful. Fortunately, business owners have access to many software tools to reduce this stress. This article will describe the best tools every small business owner should use.

The Best Tools Every Small Business Should be Using

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1. Invoicing software

Invoicing software makes it easy to create and manage invoices. It provides templates to create professional invoices for your clients. You can add invoice details manually or generate the details based on automated inputs. Either way, these tools let you create easy-to-understand invoices and monitor all your invoices from one app. They help you transition to a paperless office, making your operations more efficient.

2. Accounting software

Managing finances is the most critical aspect of running a small business, and accounting software simplifies this task. The software performs much of the work that an accountant would do, helping business owners keep accurate financial records even when they can’t afford the services of a designated accountant.

Accounting software lets you track your invoices, income, and expenses. It can also automatically generate tax documents and ensure you pay the correct taxes. QuickBooks is an excellent example of an accounting tool many small businesses use.

3. Email marketing

Email is the most popular online communication medium, with over 4 billion active users, making it an effective way to market your products. You need an email marketing tool to keep subscribers updated with your business’s latest events and new products. You can use it to manage your email subscriber list and send targeted newsletters.

Effective email marketing gives you an edge over competitors. With these tools, you can easily deploy email campaigns and monitor the results (open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc.). Mailchimp is a popular email marketing tool that many small businesses use.

4. HR software

HR software helps you manage your employees and maintain productivity. It can manage payroll, ensuring employees receive accurate salaries when due. It can also handle shift scheduling and monitoring, ensuring employees fulfil their required work hours.

The best thing about HR platforms is their versatility. A single platform can let you manage everything from payroll to time tracking, recruiting, compliance, shift scheduling, performance management, and more. It also functions as a centralized database for employees to access all relevant documentation for their work activities.

5. Communication software

Effective communication is non-negotiable for a successful business. You need tools to enable employees to keep in touch and access vital information for their work duties. This need is doubly important if you have employees working remotely.

You can use Zoom and Google Meet to make seamless voice and video calls. Slack and Microsoft Teams enable real-time chat and document sharing in the workplace. Email also lets employees exchange sensitive information securely. You can pick a tool based on your budget and desired features.

6. Project management tools

Project management tools allow business owners to assign and monitor tasks and deadlines. You can create tasks, assign them to a specific employee, and set reminders to ensure they are handled by the due date.

Employees can also use project management tools to communicate and exchange information seamlessly. Some popular tools include Asana and Trello.

7. E-Signature Tools

E-signature tools allow you to sign documents electronically, with the digital signature being legally binding. You can send documents to other people and request their signatures, with reminders for relevant parties that haven’t yet added their signature.

Final Words

Using the right software tools can improve your business’s productivity. We have explained the best tools that small businesses need to improve their operations and spur higher customer satisfaction.

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