Six Sigma: Continue to Make Learning a Top Priority

The world of Six Sigma isn’t just about knowing the acronyms DMAIC, DFSS, CTQ or COPQ. No, it is about knowing how to apply these different tools into real-world situations. 

Knowing how to apply Six Sigma tools, templates, or methodologies is something you arrive at by working at it. Just for a quick review, let’s go over the acronyms we outlined above:

  • DMAIC: Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control
  • DFSS: Design For Six Sigma 
  • CTQ: Critical to Quality
  • COPQ: Cost of Poor Quality

The beauty of Six Sigma classes is that even the seasoned professionals learn new applications using the original methodologies. That’s because new technologies and processes are constantly being created. There is an old saying that nothing ever stays the same, and that is true. So even though the methodologies don’t change, the way you apply them to these new budding technologies does change. 

So, lifelong learning and reaffirmation of Six Sigma methodologies will always be important, especially as our world of technology grows and becomes more global and our business practices become larger. Data, good customer service, and the quality of our products or service will always be important.

Another important reason to keep up on the latest regarding Six Sigma is a community. As more and more businesses are becoming global, our sense of community is disappearing.

The sense of community happens when people get together for a common cause or are affiliated with a group. If you make it a priority to take either Six Sigma review classes or certification, you will build your sense of community, which is sure to improve the quality of your life, as well as your business.

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