By Not Using Six Sigma, It’s Costing Your Business Money

In the quick world of technology — where many companies try to do away with the middleman and cutting corners is a way of life — Lean Six Sigma might seem like taking the long way to cross the street.  The irony is that cutting corners doesn’t work if you aren’t cutting the correct corners.

DMAIC, which stands for Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control, will in a nutshell tell you exactly which corner to cut and the reason behind it.

It will give you data-filled results that will ultimately save you money, time, increase production, and eliminate costly errors. Remember, Six Sigma wants an accuracy rate of 99.99966% and no more than a 3.4 defect rate per million.

Six Sigma Characteristics

When it comes to the process, it must be controllable and tangible. The entire organization must be in; everyone must on the same page, on every level following the doctrine, all working as one whole unit. All levels from the executive level through rank and file employees must be all in, and everyone is held accountable.

The tools used must be qualitative and quantitative. Tools included are root cause analysis (RCA), Plato charts, process mapping, among a slew of others.

Six Sigma methods and tools have left their mark on over 53% of the Fortune 500 companies. The mark of success is what Six Sigma has been known to do.

Since Six Sigma is entirely data-driven, there is absolutely no doubt that to know exactly what to fix, you have to know first what is wrong. Cutting corners arbitrarily is just not done in business processes.

Six Sigma and the corresponding tools are, plain and simple, what makes for great business success. For more information on 6sigma.us courses or services, please click visit our website.

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