Six Sigma and KPI’s: Klout Score

Each day, new companies, organizations, and individuals join the online community of social media. Over the past decade, social media has completely revamped how we conduct business and gain traction. In the past, you would advertise on billboards and in magazines at high costs. Now, you can advertise your organization at nearly no cost and gain more interaction. However, just because you’re now on social media doesn’t mean you will thrive. Each organization is different and there are various ways you can alter your interaction with existing and potential customers. Yet, before you change up your online presence, you must see what traction you do receive. For this, we recommend calculating your personal Klout score.

What is a Klout score?

By definition, your Klout score is a measurement of your overall online influence ranging from zero to 100. First developed by a young start-up company, this underlining algorithm uses over 35 variables to measure your online presence. By simply downloading the application, you can connect your various social media accounts and it calculates their scores automatically. Currently, the application measures scores for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts only.

Your Klout score is a compilation of three separate scores. First, there is your True Reach. This score measures the size of your audience by assessing the number of followers, friends, and how often they interact with your account. Second, there is your Amplification Score. From 1 to 100, this score measures the likelihood that your messages and posts will generate interactions. Third, you have your Network Score. Likewise, this score also ranges from 1 to 100 and measures how influential the engaged audience is.

Klout score and Six Sigma

Of course, the goal is always to gain more followers, friends, likes, and retweets. However, there are smarter ways you can gain traction while maintaining efficiency. For Six Sigma professionals, Klout scores calculate exactly how much influence you have within your online market. One of the most appealing characteristics of the application is the automatic and continuous data collection. While other market share analysis requires a team of professionals, your Klout score calculates automatically. Typically, your score updates every month. However, depending on your needs, you can change this.

When calculating your Klout score, there are three important things to remember. First, the application uses a finite number of variables. While some organizations may have data for all of these, others will not. For the most accurate calculation, make sure your social media accounts provide the necessary data. Second, social media influence changes drastically, and often. Every day there is a new hot topic, popular idea, or inspirational post. Likewise, it can be difficult to monitor the ever-changing trends and remain relevant. To combat this, we recommend appointing a social media manager to your team who can provide accurate analysis in combination with your Klout score. Last, always compare your score to both competitors and customers. In general, a score above 60 represents a strong online presence and influence. However, since each industry is different, compare your score to others and see where you rank.

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