Six Sigma Combats Organizational Problems and Criticisms Too

Six Sigma is the hottest selling cake in the world of business around the globe now-a-days. Six Sigma is a compilation of strategies and tools that manages business organization and tries to bring about changes that not only eliminates the negative elements but also enhances the turn over percentage of the business venture. It ensures that a business organization is working proficiently and has good quality standards.

Lean Six Sigma certifications prepare business organization and its employees ready for combating any new tend and upcoming competition in the world of business. The basic motive behind lean Six Sigma operations is to bring out the errors and defects present in the business processes and management and eradicate them so as to ensure smooth functioning. The three significant certifications namely Master Black Belt (MBB), Green Belt, and Black Belt are the quality management and statistical tools to strengthen the infrastructure of the business organization. Bill Smith of Motorola first created these methodologies.

Though Six Sigma has so fare been successful in implement management processes in the business worlds and has enable several industries survive through odds. But, there are certain phases where Six Sigma problems arises and this is when organizations do not comply with the strategies and measures prescribed by Six Sigma. To increase the customer loyalty and to increase the profit percentage of the company every single personnel right from the management to the subordinates have to work in unison that is have to approach the problems that have been deteriorating factors of the business. Only in this way business can be profiteering.

The most effective methodology that Six Sigma applies towards problems is of DMAIC, which means define, measure, analyze, improve and control. This is the systematic way of finding, identifying and combating the problem of an organization. And, after the detailed analysis and acute study of overall performance and status of profits earned in business venture conclusions are drawn and management plan is made for improvement.

The end result of every business venture is to gain customer loyalty and attention of potential buyers and if any organization is not getting these two main outputs in good ration, you need to develop proficient business management strategies.
Even though Six Sigma has been working proficiently since long time still there are some organizations/individuals who complaints that Six Sigma strategic tools are not applicable in all the fields and they don’t have a coherent approach to the problems brewing in an industry.

Six Sigma problems are more the criticism and that too by certain organizations who failed to meet the quality standards set by Six Sigma and remarked that Six Sigma is just a marketing strategy and advertising ploy of making money in some new way. one another criticism noted in the records of Six Sigma is that it’s been libeled as an appraisal providing strategy and not the one that is doing something lucrative and profiteering business organizations. It’s been concluded that Six Sigma is more of a corrective system instead of preventive measure. And, this is not the true picture presented, as Six Sigma is too active providing certifications and trainings to employees and seniors so that in case of losses they can manage the company and save that from being bankrupted. It not only does quality assessment but it provides educational and training to employees as they are the workforce of an organization and must be diligent and prepared enough for assessing the manufacturing quality on their own. Six Sigma appraisal process is as worthy as management processes and tools since it lets one identify the problem and prepare the plan accordingly.

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