Overview: Short & Long-Term Benefits from Six Sigma Green Belt Training

As a young professional, you may be considering enrolling in a Six Sigma training program. Like most, you may be wondering what you can gain from the different certifications and courses. Regardless of your current certification or education level, achieving a Six Sigma certificate is an excellent way to fast track your career. However, it can be difficult to know exactly what certification will provide you with the most reward. If you have general experience with Six Sigma methodology and have worked on the appropriate projects, our Six Sigma Green Belt training program is perfect for you! Here, we will help you outline both the short and long-term benefits you can expect from Six Sigma Green Belt Training.

Short-Term Benefits Six Sigma Green  Belt

Above all else, the first noticeable benefit to Green Belt training is a greater understanding of the methodology. Six Sigma is founded on the principles of innovation, efficiency, and reducing waste. While you may have experience working on Six Sigma projects as a part-time assistant or lower level Belt, Green Belts are the leaders behind the workforce. Likewise, training courses, such as ours, will introduce you to new ways of data mining and analysis. Now, as a certified Green Belt, you will be able to tackle new projects with the resources your training provides.

Another common short-term benefit of Green Belt training is standing out from other applicants when applying for new roles. Whether at your current organization or another, your employer will value your training over others without it. This alone will help speed up your career progression from a part-time project assistant to a full-time manager.

Long-Term Benefits Six Sigma Green  Belt

Six Sigma Green Belt certification, while not the lowest belt, is the first at which you will notice long-term benefits. Some training programs, such as ours, are aligned with Black Belt training, which helps you achieve higher certifications, faster. In our four-week program, the first two weeks will gain your Green Belt certification. In the following two weeks, you will achieve Black Belt certification. Of course, you have the option to just enroll for Green Belt certification. However, you can expect more long-term benefits with the complete training.

Additionally, experience as a Green Belt will move you towards more dynamic and highly detailed projects. Working under the management of Black and Master Black Belt professionals, you will gain more experience to further progress your career.

Additionally, professionals with Green Belt certification will also notice a salary increase with the more hands-on experience they have. Your new certification permits you to work with highly skilled professionals on more high-profile projects. With this comes more responsibilities, and thus, a higher salary.

SixSigma.us offers both Live Virtual classes as well as Online Self-Paced training. Most option includes access to the same great Master Black Belt instructors that teach our World Class in-person sessions. Sign-up today!

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