How to Increase Your Employment Engagement Rate with Six Sigma

There’s nothing a company suffers from more than unmotivated, non-driven employees. Sure, most your workforce may show up to the office on time every day and clocks out at exactly 5pm. Yet, how motivated are they to actually do their work? If your corporate culture doesn’t encourage everyone to strive towards to same goals, how can your employees be engaged? This issue can either make or break companies at the most crucial of times. However, sometimes simply trying to “motivate” employees is not the only area that needs improvement. In today’s article, we will show you how you can use Six Sigma to increase your employee engagement rate.

What is Employee Engagement Rate?

Your employee engagement rate is the extent of your workforce that commits to delivering your organization’s mission and image. Simply put, this rate measures how much your employees want the same things for your company as you. This might seem like a miscellaneous thing to judge. After all, your employees work under your management, regardless of what their own intentions are. However, that mindset alone is what drives a wedge between employees doing what they must versus what they want to do. When you have a higher employee engagement rate, your workforce is more likely to be proactive about achieving your corporate goals. For example, if you produce a product, engaged employees would seek out new markets without your assigning this to them.

There are a few causes for a low employee engagement rate. These might be a lack of effective management, loss of faith in your product of service, or an absence of corporate culture. Whatever the reason behind your lackluster engagement rate, there are multiple solutions through Six Sigma.

Six Sigma and Your Employee Engagement Rate

The first step towards increasing your employee engagement rate is to measure it. Likewise, how you measure this rate can determine how accurate your data will be. For most, the easiest way to measure engagement rate is to conduct employee surveys. Short and sweet, these surveys should assess how your employees view your corporate vision and what their role is within it. Additionally, these surveys will assess employees’ contribution to the overall performance and productivity of your organization. This data can be collected by lower level Six Sigma professionals, such as Green and Yellow Belts. These professionals will also oversee organizing and accurately displaying the results.

Now that you have your data, you must make changes based on it. For project and team managers, this data will advise you on what areas you can improve. Usually, project managers are Black Belts or higher and will report directly to upper management. As an experience Six Sigma professional, you have the training to interpret the given data. Does your workforce need a refresh of your corporate mission? Do you need to offer more guidance and supervision to lower level employees? What your specific situation needs to increase employee engagement rate is visible in the areas where employees are less likely to be engaged or motivated.

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