Get Your Business Competitive with Kaizen

Business Benefits of Kaizen

Kaizen is an interesting method of improving your life and business. The word is Japanese and roughly translated means continuous change. When you break it down ‘Kai’ means change, and ‘zen’ means good, hence, Kaizen.

The method of making your business better with Kaizen might seem strange to someone that has never heard of it, but the results are definitely there for you to see for yourself. Essentially, it involves everyone within the company ranging from the CEO to the janitor evaluating their work and seeing where they can improve on a small scale. The key to this method is recognizing that routine small changes eventually lead to large beneficial changes over time.

It is a slow process starting out, but the key is continuous improvement instead of large changes all at once. What makes the Kaizen method different is the fact that the changes are submitted by the person doing the job, not a third party consulting team. The thought process behind this is that the employees know what works best in their position; after all, they do it every single day. They can give you insight that would otherwise be overlooked by a consulting team with no hands on experience in that particular position. If a situation arises and a worker is unsure of whether his or her idea is fruitful or not a brainstorming session between everyone in the position can be initiated. The quick brainstorm will help make the most of the employee’s idea. It is a good idea to do these brainstorming sessions regularly for the sake of the company and happiness of employees regardless.

If you are switching over from the traditional business method it is important to recognize how you begin the process of implementing Kaizen into your company. You need to get everyone together and give them a training course on what Kaizen is, and what practical benefits they can expect to get for themselves and the company with this line of thinking. You should be sure to stress that this isn’t a project made to be completed, it is an ongoing process that will ensure that the company remains fresh and relevant from within. After you have explained to your employees what Kaizen is you should go on to explain how they are to submit their changes, when they can expect to see the changes implemented, and how quickly they can expect feedback on their suggestion if necessary.

There are a number of great benefits that come with using this method for running your business. You can expect to save a ton of money for many different reasons. First, you will not need to waste money on consulting firms, meaning that is extra money you can use for your business or as a bonus for employees with the best ideas. Secondly, you will save money because these small changes usually cost a lot less than big drastic changes, which is always a plus.

Next, you can expect to have more productive employees. They will feel valued and as if their opinions actually count for something. Any business owner or manager will tell you that when you have more productive employees you are going to see better results in customer service, productivity, and overall morale within your team.

When it comes down to it, the Kaizen method has shown time and time again to be successful. It can take some time getting used to it, but when it is all settled you will wonder why you did not switch to this method of thinking and growth years ago. The results speak for themselves.

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